Off to see the Wizard…

Actually, literally.

Big T’s high school put on a lovely production of ‘The Wizard of Oz’. T’s film club had been filming a documentary of the rehearsals, and so he REALLY wanted his family to see the play, so we did. I was going to tell you that the Wicked Witch stole the show, but then I thought that the Cowardly Lion got in some good shots and then I remembered the way Squishie’s face lit up when Dorothy launched into her first song, and then I decided that there’s a lot of talent at that school and leave it at that. (The Wicked Witch… yup. She definitely stole the show.)

Anyway, Big T got tickets for me and the two short people and himself… and the girl who is not a girlfriend but is just a friend.

Then he promptly ditched mom and the short people for the girl who is not a girlfriend but just a friend, and they seemed to have a very good time.

They adore each other. I don’t know if she likes him ‘that’ way, but she lights up when she sees him, and that’s enough for me. I just wish he could take chivalry lessons somewhere, because little things, like “Mom, can we wait with Heather until her dad comes to pick her up,” would just totally up him in the class-o-meter, you know?

Saw Robin Hood last night–and was really disappointed. The cast was stunning, and the script wasn’t bad, but the whole movie was like the bastard love child of Knight’s Tale, Gladiator, and Saving Private Ryan. No focus at all–went from epic movie to personal movie and never the twain shall meet. Man, I LOVE Robin Hood, and wasn’t that thrilled with the Kevin Costner film, but I watched it again and again and again. I’m not sure I’ll see this one again, in spite of the fact that William Hurt was magnificent and Russell Crowe, was, of course, buckets of awesome.

But that’s okay, really– Mate and I got a date! (Although I did drop a stitch in my sock early on and was unable to knit on it through 3/4 of a bad movie… I’d forgotten what solace knitting offers during bad movies. Next time, I WILL have a hat at the ready!)

And really? That’s all. I’m having some writing shizophrenia… I’ve loved doing the DSP short projects–could probably do them forever, but I’m feeling the urge to commit to something longer. As I’ve said before, sometimes you knit socks and hats, and sometimes you commit to a sweater. I’m feeling the drive to write me another sweat-her. I just got a very nice e-mail from someone who asked me if I was going to write a Bitter Moon III. The answer is probably not–but I do have post Little Goddess plans. I also have DSP plans–I love them all. I just hope fans can follow me from genre to genre–so far so good, right?

And as for work?

I’ve got a plan, folks. I’m going to write a Great Gatsby personality test–and then give it to my third period. When they get all excited about being Myrtle or Tom or Daisy, I’m going to point out that everybody in the book really sucked as a person. Maybe they should strive a little higher before thinking they’ve hit the big time.

*yawn* And that’s about it. That and the short people are making me batshit–but they’ve been whining at me all day, and I have no desire to do the same to you. Suffice it to say that the little one is doing a fabulous impression at being raised by wombats, and leave it at that!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Donna Lee says:

    And happy Sunday to you. We were going to see Robin Hood (and I love the Kevin Costner version as long as you ignore Kevin Costner's speech. He looks good but um, is a little uneven) even though Pk doesn't see how Russel Crowe could be 'buckets of awesome'. Maybe we'll wait for the dvd and go see Ironman. And I can't wait for the A-Team

  2. roxie says:

    "The Wizard" sounds awesome. Hooray for big T!

    If Squish is being raised by wombats, handle her with welder's gloves. Wombats BITE!

    If you ever offer on-line classes, I'll sign up. Wouldn't that be fun? The disruptors would go play "Grand Theft Auto" and you could work the chat room with the kids who are interested.

    (verification word – quine. A real blood-and-bones horse, not the "e"-version.

  3. Chris says:

    Alas, yours is the second post I've read that says the same thing about Robin Hood. *sigh*

    "Raised by wombats" – lol!

  4. Robin Hood era films are okay, but kinda too close to "Arthurian" for my taste. How ever, I did love, Love, LOVE Clash of the Titans.

  5. GrillTech says:

    You should have asked.. I had heard from several sources that most of the best parts of the Robin Hood movie were in the trailers. I must however, HIGHLY recommend going out NOW to see Iron Man 2..

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