OH, and another thing!

Okay–you know my life has gotten REALLY busy when this makes the “Oh yeah, I forgot to mention!” files.

Reaching: The Third Book of the Green’s Hill Werewolves was released on Saturday– I shit you not!

Now this book was a stepping-stone book, between the eventful Waiting and the as of yet unreleased Changing. I didn’t expect it to develop it’s own story–it was supposed to be a part of Changing, but, well, it grew. One of the things I’ve always tried to tell myself is to take my time and tell a story well, and this little one was proof that doing that isn’t going to steer you wrong. As a stand-alone, I’ll be honest–it sucks. But as an integral part to the whole? There is a whole lot of small things done right–it builds tension, it further develops Teague’s damage–and his strength–and it sets Cory up to have the strength of will to do the things she does at the end of Quickening–all this on a bump-on-a-log story of about 20K. I was surprised at myself when I was editing, that was for certain!

And other things I didn’t get a chance to mention?

I was asked to blog at the Desert Island Keepers for two days– and I did! You can find me talking about The Keeper Cave here, and talking about plotbunnies again right here. Both posts were a blast to write, and I’m so grateful for the D.I.K. ladies for asking me to guest blog! If you look at the names of the guest bloggers there, I was in excellent company:-)

Also, (and I’m such a fool for not getting pictures!) Big T had a party for graduation at my (one remaining) grandmother’s house–and my aunties and uncle showed up, and it was lovely. It’s funny– my Auntie Teresa (for whom I am a namesake, irl) has some of the exact same movie preferences I do. Ten years ago, she was complaining about one of the few movies I truly dislike (Short Cuts, a Robert Altman concoction) and I couldn’t believe I’d found someone else who didn’t think it was the bees-knees. This time she was singing the praises of Aaron Sorkin, who is one of Mate’s and my favorite Hollywood people, mostly because he can write his ASS off–the rhythm of his dialog, the intricacy of his characters… *swoon* Yup. And it was fun to hear someone else go off on a writer/director, because folks don’t always pay attention if it’s not Spielberg.

Of course, the weekend went REALLY fast–and some of it went fast without me. I had shit to do (finish editing Living Promises for one)-but I woke up and finished all my shit, and was all set to spend the day with the short people doing stuff–and then it hit me. Now that my shit was DONE, I felt like shit instead! So I told Mate to take the kids to gymnastics without me, and that I’d take them to the park for a birthday party later–but by the time he got home to pick me up, I was fast asleep. I’m not sure if it was an allergy attack or a bug, but it got a little better yesterday, and today I’m mostly just tired, but it was a pain in the ass. And I’m starting to feel like all I do with the short people is the hard stuff– brush your teeth, stop that, don’t beat each other up, eat your dinner before ice cream, dammit go play or something–and I want to take them someplace fun. But it’s recital week, and I don’t see that happening until at least Sunday or MOnday. *sigh* That blows, actually. *brightens* Wait! I’d planned to take them to the pool on Wednesday– yay! Good things! Okay– I’m all better now!

Anyway– it’s a busy week! Besides recital, Big T leaves for Europe at crotch-o-dawn Saturday, and getting him ready is sort of like prepping a caravan for Gunga Din– just saying. I think the 13th Warrior traveled with less shit–and more organization. (And, of course, that kick-ass horse!) And can I just say that having teenagers in the house makes for a totally different writing dynamic? It used to be, I could stay up late and have quite writing time. Now I’m starting to think my best idea would be to go to bed early, and get up at five in the morning, because the only thing in our house up at that hour is the dog’s methane!

Anyway– so a short post this time–but maybe not quite so long between them, you think maybe? That last post pretty much consisted of the ramblings of a sick, exhausted mommy–I’ll try to keep a little of the articulate professional going in the forthcoming chats, yeah?

Oh yeah– I’ve finally gotten a chance to get to some of my blogging peeps. I have a few more to go check on, but seriously–I’m missing out on people’s lives, and I want back in! I love blogging–I miss doing the personal blogging that I started out with. I shall endeavor to do more of it.

And that’s about all–oh wait. Living Promises got moved up–it’s coming out July 4th, and beLIEVE me, you’ll have a cover the minute I do! (Angst angst angst angst angst… God. People love Keeping Promise Rock and Making Promises so very much– this book had better fucking measure up! Angst angst angst angst… ) And with that, I also got my contract for Solid Core of Alpha– which will be out in August. And then a mid-length novella called It’s Not Shakespeare in September (I’ve got a cover for that one–it’s sweet:-) and in September/October, we’ll have Talker’s Graduation. They say the best revenge is living well, and I’m thinking that by the end of this year, my backlist will be living very well indeed. I’m proud of these upcoming stories–all of them. From Locker Room to Talker’s Graduation, all of these books had something to prove for me. I really hope I proved that I can be happy doing this thing I love, and that I can do it well.

Nai Nai all! Sweet dreams.

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  1. roxie says:

    Heh heh! You're twice as busy now as when you were working. And the books just keep on coming! You totally blow me away!

    Now rest up and get well. You have a busy summer ahead of you.

  2. DecRainK says:

    Wow that's a lot . . . . cannot wait to read/own them, but I'm still looking forward to the next Little Goddess :0)

  3. Hope you're better soon, the 4th is coming.

  4. Louiz says:

    Aha, once I get paid by clients who are keeping me extremely busy, that is going on my phone:)

  5. grammy1 says:

    So glad you give me a list of publishing dates so I can keep up with reviews for you…LOL

    Happy Fathers Day to Mate

    Feel better…I am allergied out myself


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