Oh crud!

Yes, I have the crud.

I am loopy and irritable and my head hurts and my ears hurt and I’m on Advil and NyQuil and I’ll be super lucky I don’t end up typing about purple lizards shopping at the Galleria.

Why is nobody going to bed?

Oh, yeah! Because I did nothing all day but couch and knit and watch Eureka, which I have to say is THE most comforting show when you’re sick. It’s like chicken soup, which I had Mate make, because literally the ingredients were the only thing I had in the house. What can I say? I was supposed to go shopping this week, but it’s been a little busy around here.

Anyway, last night we went to a wedding reception in my parents’ backyard, which was lovely– like truly lovely– and I sucked it up and took some sudafed and smiled. I love the couple who were celebrating–I’ve known Kaitlyn since she was a baby and to see her now with a gorgeous family and a kind man–it was really a glorious evening.

But I felt myself get sicker as it progressed, and isn’t that a shitty feeling?

You’re like, “I’d love to talk to you more but I may need to lay down in bed and stare into space like a stoned iguana–it’s not you, it’s definitely me. Swear to God it’s me. So me.” *open and closes mouth like a stoned iguana*

Also, one of the people we met there was one of the mothers from ZoomBoy’s old soccer team–the one that Mate coached–and we got to catch up. She was delightful and it was proof that the world is small after all.


Also, I woke up in the middle of the night and went, “Holy shit–I have a BLOG TOUR that starts tomorrow and have written NOTHING.”

So if you see some REALLY odd posts coming out from various blogs in the next week? Just remember, I was STONED and it was NOT MY FAULT.

And on that note, I”m going to bed.

Oh yes–Kermit Flail next week–First Monday of the month. And String Boys on TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!

And may your Memorial Day be peaceful and sweet.


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