Oh Mummy!

Zoomboy is assigned 20 minutes of reading every day.

He’s supposed to read to us, but seriously? Twenty minutes of quiet in our house? When Mom’s not making dinner, coaching teenagers, or out buying snack?

So we told him to read to his sister.

And she sits there and listens.

So what are they reading about?

I’ll give you two guesses.

But I’m pretty sure you only need one.

The really cool thing about this–wait, the really cool THINGS about this are

A. The book is WAY above his pay grade. He struggles on anyway. I think he likes the fact that the pictures are gross and he gets to share.

B. His sister, who, for most of the day can’t shut up to save her tiny, chubby, precious little life, sits rapt, playing with the hem of her princess dress, so that her brother might enlighten her about the grossness every night.

And C?

C. is that this weekend or the next, after he finishes the book (like I said, it’s around a 5th grade reading level) I’m gonna make him these:

And then, for a brief moment, I can be a hero among Mummies:-)

0 thoughts on “Oh Mummy!”

  1. You're the bestest Mummy in the world!

  2. Chris says:

    Ewww! Mummies in a blanket?!

    It's cool that he's reading to Squish – what a great sibling bonding activity.

  3. GrillTech says:

    What the heck are those and why didn't you link the recipe?

    WOW, my verification word was "prercun". It certainly was shocking in that weird italicized font they use.. had to look at it twice.

  4. Louiz says:

    Link, link! And cool goodies to Zoomboy, and his audience squishy, sounds good:)

  5. DecRainK says:

    That is AWESOME! (both what he is reading and what you're gonna make him)

  6. roxie says:

    What a brilliant glorious thing! And you are a genius to let him choose his own book. What a great mom you are!

    Looking forward to the mummies recipe.

  7. Galad says:

    The Mummies are awesome!

  8. Donna Lee says:

    Of course he likes the books about mummies. Wait till he finds a zombie book to read to her. I introduced my brother to the Creature Double Feature on Saturday afternoons when we were kids. My mom was not happy but we loved the monsters and aliens and zombies.

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