On a jet plane…

Me: I’m going to the mall and to get shoes–you guys can go or not, but I’m not buying any–

Kids: We’re going.

Squish: I need loafers.

Me: That’s fair–ZoomBoy, we’ll wait until after my check to get you new Vans, okay?

ZB: All I want is pretzels.

Me: That’s fair.

So Squish got loafers, and, well, a pair of blinded out $7 sunglasses, and I got flip-flops and a Tardis dress.

And ZB got pretzels.


And one more thing…

Mate: Do you want one of these Mrs. Fields cookies?

Me: No. I had one.

Mate: Why did you buy them?

Me: Because I had to look at my ankles under fluorescent lighting today.

Mate: So…

Me: They’re ugly.  Huge, bloated, swollen–like dead rotting whales attached to my feet.

Mate: And the cookie was gonna help that?

Me: I just wanted some justice. If my ankles were going to look that bad, I wanted to actually EAT SOMETHING that would make them look that bad.

Mate: *shakes head*

Me: Yeah, well, good news is, I’ve eaten one. Have some of the rest of the dozen.

Mate: *stuffs mouth*   Sure.

And finally…

Watched Armageddon while folding clothes and packing…

*sings badly* I’m a leaving, on a jet plane (totally plan on Sunday to be back again…)

*waves* See you there!

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