On being nocturnal…

Zoomboy is sick–that horrible high fever, crushing head-ache, lay there like a dead fish sort of sick that apparently only bird-boned, intense little boys get, because he’s the only child I’ve had who gets sick like this. Anyway, when Zoomboy is sick, he demands cuddles, and he’s been sick enough to be laying down in our bed watching television.

The cuddles turn into a nap.

The nap makes me wide awake at eleven o’clock at night, and, well, since there are kids in our bed, and nothing else exciting is going to be happening there, I stay up late.

And last night, I lay down for cuddles at eleven o’clock, figuring that, well, what the hell, I’ll just sleep like a normal person.

I woke up at three a.m., with a driving need to edit “I Love You, Asshole” (The Marcus/Phillip story) so I can send in the revised vision for editing, instead of the old version. (I think my beta readers will enjoy the changes I made!) I edited until six, and then went back to bed–until seven-thirty, when Squish woke me up going, “Mom! Mom! Mom!” I wobbled out of bed (my feet are giving me hell) and went staggering down the hallway to look around the living room in bleary-eyed confusion.

“Mom! I’m in the bathroom!”

So I staggered back down the hall.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m in the bathroom.”

“Yes. You’re going pee. You’re doing a great job.”

“Thank you.”

And apparently, that’s all she wanted.

So there I was, up. And Zoomboy got up too, and he sat on my lap. I think… that’s all I remember until about 10:30 a.m. So anyway, that’s why I’m feeling like that guy in the picture. Chicken tried to tell me that my bedtime was 1 a.m. tonight–and I might take her up on that.

And in fiber news?

Went to the LYS, and saw that Babetta’s was YARN BOMBED! It was AWESOME– and we have a picture on Chicken’s cell phone… I swear we’ll download them shortly, so you can see. Seriously– it was adorable. She has a very young tree outside her shop, and it was covered in acrylic glory–apparently it only took the White Ford Suburban an hour and a half to sew all those little ruffles on that tree. I was so tickled–and so was Babetta! I WILL get you that picture, because, I’m sayin’… damn.

Anyway, while we were there, Squish spotted her two favorite fiber drugs–pink furry and pink sparkly. Babetta has a bunch of drop-stitch scarves as samples, and Squish has wanted a scarf for so long. Every time I’ve taken her there, she’s fondled the drop stitch specialty yarn scarves and talked about when mom would make her one… so this time, as she found her favorite drugs and fondled them hopefully, I committed… I’m about halfway done now, and it’s furry and soft and blindingly pink. Don’t worry… although the camera situation is still iffy, I’ll have Squish pose in front of the computer–it’s so very her:-)

And that’s about all… next week is going to be wrapped up in getting Squish ready to sign up for Kindergarten. Can you beLIEVE the amount of paperwork we have to provide to the world just to prove we’re human? I mean… she needs proof that we’ve taken her to the dentist? Really? Anyway–so up to my elbows in doc appointments and dentist appointments and the usual–writing.

Of course, only the best stuff happens at night:-)

0 thoughts on “On being nocturnal…”

  1. DecRainK says:

    YAY for writing. Poor Zoomboy, I hope he gets well soon.

  2. roxie says:

    Zoomboy lies there like a dead fish? Plunder the 401K Martha. the apocalypse is at hand!!

    Hope he recuperates fast. Poor him. Poor you. Yay for writing!

  3. Chris says:

    Poor Zoomboy! Hopefully you get back on some sort of schedule…

  4. Hope he feels better soon. So you can get some action… =^.^=

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