On Chocolate Tunafish and Toxic Lemonade…

Hmmm… various things to talk about today… and about five minutes before I face plant into the laptop and fall asleep… (living a life of QWERTY, definitely…) so I guess I’m just going to have to random my way through it…

Okay…about the title…

I finished the TA’s fingerless mitts…and if the camera hadn’t run out of batteries, I could retrieve pictures for you, and prove, once again, that I occassionally knit. (I called them, if you recall, Chocolate Tunafish.)

I finished the socks for the girl who doesn’t like me as well–she was actually more appreciative than I’d anticipated–said thank you, put them on her feet…and proceded to wear them with her flip-flops, hence warping my carefully grafted toe forever and ever amen. They are called Toxic Lemonade, A. because their colors are bright yellow, pink, and orange (very -ade type colors) and B. because they are for one of my toxic 6th period kids…except (and here’s the real news) I no longer am very angry at these kids.

Oh, yes, they are everything I said they were yesterday– but the thing is, when compared to the kids who, as the year winds down, are not only NOT toxic, but who have actually thanked me or touched me in some sweet-hearted, inspired sort of way, they’re really such a small consideration. All semester, they’ve been looming in my mind as this giant boulder in my path to educating the rest of the students. Apparently, they were more of a really nuisancy sort of rock–everyone tripped over them, everyone stubbed a toe or something, but after that, we really don’t remember them much.

Of course, I’ll remember them because I’ve learned some valuable lessons from them–but the rest of the students? They have all told me, in several ways, that my pathway to education was interesting, with some fabulous scenery, and that damned rock will be crushed by a lorry eventually. (Love that word, Louiz!!!)

Oh yes–and on the health front? Well…

Nothing, really. I managed to beg, wheedle, and cajole my test results out of someone, since my doc apparently went on vacation, and the results were…nothing. So, the fever went away, and my doc is okay with me I guess, and the bleeding went away, and the internist told me, “Well, I guess you COULD have another colonoscopy if you want one, but do you really want one?” I told him that, in case he was wondering, the answer to that question is always an unequivocal NO!, which means apparently, no snaking the drain for me–huzzah!!! So I guess I’m fine, and apart from now having to build up my wind and get to the strength I was at before, it was like I was never sick. Have I mentioned I’m starting to distrust doctors as much as I distrust every other authority I deal with? Go figure…

Oh yes–some more folks have visited–Thanks guys! Pipney Jane, Bunny Queen, and Jools–seriously–I’m all aflutter that you stopped by–and a little embarrassed that you were all here as I was just UNLOADING (and not as grammatically correctly as I could have hoped for, either–revision is an art, not a guy named Art on too much coffee…) Usually, guys, Mt. St. Vitriol is a nice place where children play and you can picnic with impunity…I hope I didn’t scare anybody off.

And I’ve only got one final (that’s 2 hours) with my abominable 5thperiod class. In the words of Monty Python, “There was much rejoicing!”

But, I will be a bit busy, so, while I usually post every other day, if I don’t get back to you all until Friday, no worries, yes? You’ll know that I’m taking care of business, kicking ass and taking names, and figuring out what to knit next. (I do have some longstanding WIPs on the needles now–I’m not entirely deranged:-)

And then, with the exception of 12 online units and 4 off-the-hook children, I’ll be a free woman. For 8 weeks. Well, you can still gimme hallelujia, amen.

0 thoughts on “On Chocolate Tunafish and Toxic Lemonade…”

  1. Netter says:

    Halleluja, Amen. Especially on the negative tests results, annoying they don’t know what caused it, but great that it’s gone.

  2. Julie says:

    Hallelujia, amen.

    May you have a calm, quiet, guitar-hero-playing summer (with knitting), and come back recharged in the fall, even though those prickweenieaassholedickheads don’t deserve you.

    And may you have all kids like I was, next year. (hahaha) Actually, that wouldn’t be too bad… all else aside, I wasn’t mean.

  3. Louiz says:

    8 weeks? enjoy:) You’ve earned it…

  4. roxie says:

    Gee, has no one made a connection between extreme stress and bleeding from the orifices? I mean gosh, COULD there be a connection? Actually, it was probably the ground glass that the B-ball bitch slipped into your lunch. More the fool her! She doesn’t know that you could eat lightbulbs for breakfast. You one tough momma!

  5. Eight weeks off to knit and write? I’m sooo green. Enjoy the time off, you’ve earned it.

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