One Nap Was Not Enough

Okay–so I figure I’ll leave the contest open until I at least get my first copy of Rampant–so another week, and then I’ll announce the winners. They will, of course, be chosen in my high tech way of printing out everybody’s names and throwing them in a hat. Editors? Erm, you’re disqualified. You get a signed copy of Rampant and my EEEEEE-ternal gratitude and probably some stash-busting thrown in. So you win. Just flat out win. Mostly because I won the friend lottery when we met, and I’m returning the favor.

But I did like hearing the days that are all about you. I think a lot of us here work incredibly hard–we all need a day, don’t you think?

So I’ve gotten some feedback on Promise Rock, and so far, folks are enjoying it. I’m grateful. Seriously–grateful enough to take a nap, which is something since I haven’t been sleeping much since the books came out, and I may even get to bed before twelve. This is good. My husband seems to think I’m a little crazed. Crazed is very bad. I need to sleep my way to sane.

I also need to get the car fixed. We’ve got no means until the middle of next month–I think I’m going to be dumping power steering fluid down my car’s gullet until then, because the steering was threatening to give out yesterday and I called Mate to come get Squish and I. The thing is, not only am I taking that car on the freeway, but it’s been pissing down rain lately, and seriously, driving that thing is scaring the rabbit raisins out of me. *deep breath* C’mon, baby, hold on just a little longer.

Being stranded with Squish was sort of fun yesterday. I had a little cash, and I took her to the craft store and then to Starbucks. She sat there with her milk and cookies and her sticker book and crayons and sang and played and stacked stickers on top of each other while telling stories, and I knit. Then she flirted with the Starbucks girl, who was charmed beyond measure, and I knit. If it hadn’t been for the fact that Starbucks was NOT warm, and I REALLY needed a nap, it would have been pretty pleasant.

Oh–wait! Cosmonaut and a few other people on e-mail have been asking me questions about Promise Rock, and I thought I’d answer them here:

Yes. There will be three sequels. Making Promises will be about Shane and Mikhail, Living Promises will be about Jeff and Collin, and Return To Promise Rock will see the final HEA of all the characters, including a wrap up of Benny and Drew (which I can’t go too much into, because people get upset when there’s girl cooties in their m/m, but we really need to see them happy too.)

But I’m also going to write the final Jack & Teague and hopefully publish that in June, and I have some novella ideas for DSP that I think will go over well, and sometime this summer, I’m going to start the next Cory book. But I’m not telling the name of it until a few people have read Rampant– there’s a spoiler in the name, and I’m not going there until folks have caught up.

And now, I’m going to go knit. The ass-kicking-nightmare-in-pink is looking pretty damned good!

0 thoughts on “One Nap Was Not Enough”

  1. Chris says:

    Not sure I'd ever run contests if I had to select names that way! 🙂

    Sending happy healthy car thoughts your way.

  2. Littlewitch says:

    Let me just mention AGAIN that I'm in love with Deacon. Which is sort of weird because I adore him just the way he is and he's attached so even if he were real I'd have ZERO chance but it doesn't matter because he's PERFECT! *stops to breathe*

    Go nap, sweet. Promise Rock and Rampant are available to your devoted fans and all is right with the world.

  3. blondie says:

    So many books to look forward to, very exciting blog!

  4. roxie says:

    OK, all of Amy's fans – yes, you – slap some $$ in an envelope and mail it off to her so she can get the damn car fixed! I am terrified for you! At the least, you could be stuck in a ditch with Zoom boy and Squish, hungry and cold, and the battery dying on your cell phone. And I won't think about the worst.

    People like Promise Rock! Yayy!! Now sleep through the night, dear. Fret not. The universe approves.

  5. DecRainK says:

    I feel your pain when it comes to car trouble. Mine has been acting up for a while. I managed to change the driver side headlight by myself though (well my dad was on the phone talking me thru it but still, I am woman, hear me roar) but it is still smoking. I hope you are able to get yours fixed soon.
    Looking forward to all the lovely books :0)

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