One or Two Things

* So, back when we were first in quarantine, and toilet paper was scarce, we bought this ultra green toilet paper, made with bamboo and quilted ad infinitum.

Ladies and gentleman, I regret to inform you, it is not Charmin.  

Enough said.

* I made a decent stroganoff tonight. In related news the smoke should be cleared in another hour or so. No, I didn’t set the food on fire. 

The stove on the other hand…

* Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to be our next President and MVP and I am profoundly grateful. If we can just make it until the 20th of January, we might not have to wake up every morning and worry about what “that shithead” did now.

Which we have been doing for the last thirty, forty years since 2016.

* It’s really cold. This is both super exciting and super unfortunate.

My feet are freezing and the smoke might take another hour or so to clear.

* I start writing again tonight after a mini-break of taking care of all my admin stuff. Tonight, my Patreon. Tomorrow, Jordan’s story.

Sorry, NANOWRIMO, I may come up short this year.

* I also finished the technicolor dream-jumper and sent it out to the poor soul I made it for. 

Hopefully we’ll still be friends when it arrives.

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