Ooop… skipped a post.

Now see, I didn’t plan to. But I was tired, and feeling sort of sick, and Ladybug said, “Lay down with me!” and I did.

And then I fell asleep, and, well, my regular posting day went right out the window.

The thing is, I’m a little bit sick. I took Wednesday off to take my turn at home with the little kids, and it turned out to be a good thing because I had laryngitis so bad, I couldn’t place a drive-thru order. (Chicken had to do it for me–she thought that was hilarious!) Seriously–even Zoom Boy (also known as the CaveTroll or Bone Daddy) was walking up to me with his finger extended in classic E.T. pose telling me, “Mom–say “Ouuu-uuuuchhh…!” We had an inservice Monday, and I’m off today, but that still means I had to teach on Tuesday and Thursday.

On Thursday I made it easy for myself. I figured what the hell–I’m sick, it’s a short week, and Friday is the day before Halloween (Or Samhain–remember, it’s pronounced ‘Sawain’) and so what I did was this: I put a T-chart on the board and put Supernatural on one side and Big Whomping Test on the other. Then I stood up and told them that they had their choice of sub plans–it all depended on the next hour. Every time they quieted down or raised their hand, they got a mark under Supernatural. Every time someone shouted out or screwed around when I was trying to talk, they got a mark under Big Whomping Test. (They have a quiz on Friday anyway–this was just a promise to make it long and excruciating.) Needless to say, I did NOT have to formulate or leave copies for a Big Whomping Test, and my students are going to have an enjoyable Friday.

Today is my grandmother’s funeral–and I’m taking the teenagers. They’re not dealing with it well. Trystan wasn’t very close with Flossie, (although I think he’s going to miss her more than he realizes) and he’s feeling awkward about attending. Chicken WAS close with her–Flossie, Chicken and Chicken’s cousin Naters (only close to his real name) played cards all the time. Chicken has good memories of Flossie listening to her teen-angst and being kind about it, and this is the first grandparent Chicken’s lost that she really knew. (When my older kids were born, they had a total of thirteen grandparents and great great grandparents–most of them women. When chicken was three an elderly neighbor came to the door and said “Hi, sweetheart–do you remember who I am?” to which Chicken replied, “Uhm, Grandma?” Because honestly, it probably seemed like she was constantly being hauled around to different places and told to call an older woman ‘Grandma’– we didn’t blame her for being somewhat confused.) Anyway, lots of tears on Chicken’s part, and that’s been rough.

For me, I’m pretty sure it’s going to sink in later. I know that passing Grandma’s apartment building is going to be a constant source of “Oh shit… I should visit Grandma Flos… Oh. Well shit.” And, as I told my mom, “Thanksgiving’s gonna SUUUUCCCKKKK.” And I think if I don’t have a total estrogen dump at the funeral, that’s when it will hit me. No more grandmothers at my Dad & Mom’s place at Thanksgiving. Bummer.

But after the funeral and the ‘deal’ at my folks’ place (which I may not attend–still feeling icky, and there’s going to be a lot of elderly people there–it’s not nice to share your germ stew with the elderly!) we’re going to have to carve pumpkins–and THAT should be fun. The little kids have been looking forward to it for weeks–I was going to do it last night, but I got back from dropping Chicken off at Soccer, and they were BOTH ASLEEP. (Considering soccer starts at five o’clock, this is sort of a trip.) And Zoom Boy stayed asleep all night. It was his first day back to school after being sick–it’s only to be expected, but it’s gonna look kind of pathetic on his homework sheet.

Speaking of… we got Zoom Boy’s report card back. He’s ‘approaching’ grade level in all his subjects, which is sort of worrisome , (Chicken was a solid list of ‘At Grade Level’ when she hit public school) but that’s not the big thing. The big thing is that all the stuff that helps kids do well in school– paying attention, organization, following directions–those are all ‘needs improvement’. I’m thinking Zoom Boy might really have an Attention Deficit problem–it would explain all sorts of his patterns of behavior. He fixates on things, doesn’t seem to ‘hear’ what we ask frequently, needs CONSTANT reminders to stay on task. *sigh* It could be another open IEP for a Lane offspring. Lovely. I mean I REALLY appreciate the school system and how they work with special ed, but, well–you know it’s hard. We’ve only JUST stopped fretting about Big T and how he’s going to do when he’s out of school. AD is such a pain in the ass for high school boy. Even the sweetest boys become like big whomping puppy dogs, and they frequently piss their teachers off. And Zoom Boy is so sensitive that way. *sigh* Borrowing worry. Who needs it.

Zoom Boy is going to be a vampire tomorrow. Ladybug is going to be a princess. I swear, I’ll have pictures.


0 thoughts on “Ooop… skipped a post.”

  1. DecRainK says:

    *huugles* hope you feel better soon

  2. You'll get through them, one day at a time. It's kinda like recovery.

    You'd better post pictures, Grilltech's threat is still in effect.

  3. roxie says:

    Let's see, the dragon rode you to a latherthen put you up wet, pretty near every day for six weeks. And now you don't feel well? Gee, I can't imagine why.

    Rest, Sweetie. Lie down and let it all get on without you for a few days. And go ahaed and mourn the loss of Flossie. Keeping your epidemic to yourself for Thanksgiving might make a lot of sense. If anyone is running a fever in the morning, keep the whole crew home all day. You have my permission to do it.

    Hugs, Roxie

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