So, I was listening to Hamilton this morning. Yeah, I listened to it on the way up to Reno and the way back and now I’m just as hooked as the rest of America–sue me.

Anyway–three things.

1. Squish and I sang our hearts out to “Right Hand Man” twice. Something about “Here comes the gen-er-AL!” just really got us going.

2. I was giving ZoomBoy’s friend Sam a ride home. He got into the car just when we heard Alexander’s REAL opinion of James Madison. It, uh, was quite explicit. And really unflattering. Anyway, Sam laughed and I said, “I think you need to hear the first part.”  So he got to hear the first three songs before he got home. Nobody say I’m not an enabler.

3. I was listening on the way after dropping Squish off and taking the dogs to the park, and I was just enough out of my usual routine that I forgot the dogs were even in the car and I did the unthinkable.

I passed the park.

The dogs were in the middle of their cry/bark/whine routine that comes with visiting their favorite place, and then I PASSED THE PARK.

And silence descended like an iron wall.

I stopped at the stop sign apologizing. “I”m sorry guys! I’m so sorry! I swear, I’m turning around right now!”

And I got a look at their little faces.

Oh my God. YOU GUYS! The pain and betrayal and disappointment. *clutches chest* Oh my heart. I seriously couldn’t have lived with myself if I hadn’t turned around and gone for walkies.

*shakes head*  Apparently the “YOU MONSTER!” guilt in a Shih-Chi’s eyes can be classified as a deadly weapon.

Now I know!

And other than that? Well, I’m napping like a champion and getting back in the groove. I actually cooked dinner tonight, which is an improvement because last night I couldn’t even brain takeout. Whoopee! Tonight I may even write words!

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