Out-gunned, out-manned…

So, next on the “Lane family listens to Hamilton” update–

We got to the “Say no to this…” part of the show and Squish is appalled. Shame on Alexander, shame!

Also Amy (much to her/my embarrassment) finally got the fatal irony of “I’m not throwing away my/Shot!” and all I can say is, “Derp!”  Yeah, I know. I’ve listened to the sound track a couple of times and it just hit me.  D’oh!

In other news…

The kids are prepping for their dance recital. Today their long-term dance teacher was getting exasperated, because nobody knew the steps, and she burst out, “I told you guys, you’re too old to be cute and too young to be sexy! You actually have to know how to dance!”

To quote MacDuff, “Too nice, and yet too true.”


So, I follow some porn bloggers on Twitter, mostly for when I’m writing the Johnnies series because porn changes as technology changes and I need to at least mention stuff, right?  Anyway, I was scrolling through Twitter, not even paying attention to what was under the mouse, when ZB gave me a surprise hug–and I hit the blog link and BOOM! Two hot boys and their not-so-little friends were staring us straight in the face!

ZoomBoy burst out laughing. “Did I do that?”

“No, ZoomBoy, your penis did not automatically spawn other internet penises. It doesn’t work like that!”

“What happened?” Squish called, blessedly in the other room.

“Mom hit a link that rhymes with pay gorn!”  ZoomBoy called back. He was still taunting her with the spoonerism as he wandered off to bed.


The following conversation happened on text today, which is why phones are good and my family is hilarious:

ZB: What does an alcoholic panda drink?

Me: What?


Big T: hahahahaha  What does a con-man panda do?

ZB: What?

Big T: BamBOOZLE people out of their money!

Mate: heh heh heh  What does a dead panda want?

Me: Oh God.

Mate: BamBooOooOoooOoooooooooooooooo….

Me, Squish, and Chicken: 😀 😀 😀

— Because seriously, it was like a training field for dad jokes, right?

Anyway– good night!

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