Pardon Me While I Bow in Joss Whedon’s Direction

Sort of random various shit to report, but first things first:

* Yes, I totally had my ass kicked in Round 2 of DU BWAHA. I Was not expecting the round to start that night (because there was something else on the site that said they weren’t voting again until the 19th) and suddenly, voila! I was getting the beat down by Josh Lanyon. My one consolation (besides being in the ring with Holy God Josh Lanyon!) was that if I’d managed to get the same number of votes for Round 2 as I begged, borrowed, scavenged, and scrounged for Round 1, I would have totally won. That makes me happy– and makes me very grateful. Thanks for everyone who nominated me and voted for me–you all rock, and that was TOTALLY FUN! Maybe I can write something outstanding and get nominated next year? I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

* The Locker Room is out on April 22nd, and Waiting will be out on April 9th. WOOT! I’m really excited about The Locker Room–I’m proofing the galleys right now, and I’m like, “Oooh.. I don’t suck!”

* I got a lovely visit with my Aunties Monica and Carol last night. That NEVER happens–but I just sort of zoomed away from the family, went, sat, knit, and talked in the dark. I love them both–I’ve just never really had a chance to visit them without my kids. I want to do it again.

* On Friday, I went to pick up Zoomboy at his friend’s house–he’d gotten out early and I asked his friend’s mom if she could keep him so when i went back to pick up Chicken’s friend Stivie, I only had to make one trip.

I hadn’t been planning on staying, because she was waiting with wine. And bread starter. And now I’m totally girl-crushing on this sweet woman with four kids and a reasonably messy house because she wants to be my real life friend and she got me to bake bread. And now I have to get the recipe from her because IT WORKED and it TOTALLY DID NOT SUCK! WOW!

* Oh yeah– Living Promises now has a contract and will be out Late July/Early August! WOOT! I’m so excited about this one, but a little worried too. (Really, Amy? You worried?) Anyway, this work is just not that angsty. I’m sorry– I mean, I know it should be–it deals with dead boyfriends and HIV, but Jeff from KPR and LP doesn’t do angst. He just doesn’t. He’s snarky, sarcastic, and occasionally bitchy. Collin, his love interest, meets him snark for snark, and both of them are just too damned tough to go into angst. They know about death, they know it could happen to them, but damned if they’re going to spend their time getting upset about that. They’re both a little self-involved, both a little vain, and both a little bit hot tempered, and both totally survivors. I love them–I love their chemistry, but they’re not Deacon and Crick, or even Mikhail and Shane. They’re just two regular guys, trying to get by. I hope you guys love them like I do. (And as much as my beta readers, who kept assuring me that they were awesome, even as I said, “But, there’s not a lot of angst.” They were like, “That’s okay– with their backstories, too much angst is a really bad thing.”

* Tomorrow I shall take a picture of Squish and my WIP– I’m really getting excited about it, even though there’s a mis-crossed cable down at the bottom that I have no intention of actually fixing, but I may do the Yarn Harlot’s cosmetic fix, so I don’t feel like a total slacker.

* My Alpha book is progressing at a satisfactory rate. Seriously–I’m having fun. If I wasn’t writing doing some other work for DSP, I’d be on NANOWRIMO pace with this one! GO DRAGON GO!!!

* In the meantime, enjoy Spike. I know that a LOT of people told me that Adrian reminded them of Spike from Buffy, but although I’ve been watching the series for the last year (for the record, nearly six years after Adrian died for Cory and Green) I didn’t really see it. There were superficial resemblances, of course–cockney accent, white blond hair (although Adrian’s was floaty–and natural) and blue eyes–but I didn’t really see the ‘feeling’ everybody was talking about. But now that I’ve seen the last episode (and thanks all of you for not warning me that was coming. *sniffle* Fucking series finale.) I totally get what you were saying. Eight years after the series ended, I am now totally in love with Spike. *sigh* I’m ALWAYS five-ten years too late for cool. But that’s okay– because Spike’s mine right now, and not the entire world’s. I’m totally happy with that. (Hmm… Spike & Dean… HelLO plotbunny… I swear, if I was doing slash fanfic, I’d SO… MMMMMMM…mmmmm…. yeah…)

* Aherm… anyway, I’ve been Twittering. I need to stop. It’s not so much the timesuck, as it is the addictive properties. Besides… my dragon’s getting snotty and screaming, “WRITE, BITCH, WRITE!” (That could just be Littlewitch, but I don’t think so. The voice is deeper, and sort of growly.) But I need to remember how much fun it can be when I’m feeling lonely at home.

* It’s supposed to rain a lot this week, which totally throws a monkey wrench in that hole water aerobics thing–and they’re moving to another pool next week while the home pool is being repaired, and they won’t have the same class times. *whinge* Yeah, I know, whine whine whine– but I want to look not frighteningly blob-like when summer starts. It’ll be the first time in quite a while!

* Chicken made it home safely on Friday night–I cooked corned beef & potatoes for her since we got to go out on St. Patrick’s day, and that’s one of her favorites. She was FULL of stories from her trip–I think she enjoyed herself, although I don’t know if she’ll cop to it. That’s okay– her story about the mornings was priceless. Apparently, all the girls in her hotel room woke up early and did their hair and their makeup and chattered her awake. “You need to get up! You’re going to be late!”

Well, Chicken doesn’t do make up, and her hair is limited to straightening her bangs so they don’t spazz when she has her hair back in a ponytail. She got up, put on her clothes, straightened her bangs, packed her shit, put her shoes by her bed… and slid back in for another hour. She said they all stared at her and laughed at her–and then left her the hell alone.

*sniff* Makes a mom proud.

And that’s alls I gots, folks–but then, I’m busy bowing in Joss Whedon’s general direction.

0 thoughts on “Pardon Me While I Bow in Joss Whedon’s Direction”

  1. Sorel says:

    Ah Josh. Fab writer. Have you watched Dollshouse yet?

  2. roxie says:

    Well next year, I'll just have to figure out how to vote early and vote often. Does it count if I vote from different computers?

    Still, it was awesome getting into the competition and making it to round two! congratulations.

    And hooray for Chicken. An extra hour of sack time is never to be sneezed at.

    You're baking bread? I am SO jealous!! My starter went feral on me and I threw it out. I think I saw it slither out of the garbage can the day before pick-up. It's probably lurking in the sewers now, lunging out to snatch incautious young squirrels.

  3. Helyce says:

    Well, I'm just out of it. There have been a lot of blogs posting about the whole DUB….contest and I am so clueless. If I could have figured it out, I would have voted. Being in the running with Josh-WOW! Bonus.

    So you've had the chance to get to know Spike, huh? Yeah he is all that and then some! Do you know he was on a show on the BBC for a short time-Torchwood. He played the love interest of the lead guy, can't remember his name. he wasn't blonde anymore. I've heard he's from Modesto, originally but I don't know that for sure. 🙂

    I'm jealous of the bread making too, and from scratch! Wow!

  4. Sorel says:

    Oh oh, Torchwood. Spin off of Dr Who. You would love it Amy. Especially Captain Jack played by John Barrowman. Your kind of guy ;o)

  5. DecRainK says:

    yeah Joss Whedon is a god amonst TV people. I LOVES him.

    I adored Spike from the beginning. He was the bestest bad guy and then a really awesome sorta good guy.

    BTW James Marsters, the guy who plays Spike, in is Torchwood season two. You get yummy smooches between him and John Barrowman who plays Capt Jack.

    BTW as I was about to send this I saw the other comments about Torchwood and Doctor Who. Major props/woohoos to Lisa and csw1

  6. Donna Lee says:

    I was a late comer to Spike, too. Someone has an avatar with his photo and the caption, "I don't need to sparkle" which I love.

    My Kate is a lot like Chicken. No makeup, no jewelry, just natural beauty. I had to sit on her to put make up on her for her 8th grade dance. Senior Prom? I left her alone. She was gorgeous. (and she has no idea)

  7. Yea, James Masters is HOT!

    Sorry you didn't win, but it was a good fight.

  8. Catie says:

    love joss whedon – have you watched Angel and Dr. Horrible (total of 45 minutes, likely available on youtube)? Dollhouse?

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