Pithy Observations

*  Today was the first day of school… and the first day of the rest of my life in traffic. Good God–I’d forgotten what a time suck kids in different schools could be. So glad I brought my knitting!

*  While the kids were gone, the dogs spent their time barking outside at the workmen next door. When it came time to go pick up the kids, only the small dog elected to go.  This is her, asleep in the car. No, people, she’s not dead.


*  Soccer practice has started again.  I know that in years past I have posted pictures of the kids practicing on verdant green fields.

What a difference three years of drought makes.

*  The kids have started playing MAD LIBS, which is great, but it resulted in the following convo between me and Squish:

“Mommy, do you want to play a game? You don’t even have to come out of the toilet to do it!”

0.0  “Uh, okay, Squish, you can just wait for–“

“No, no, no! Let’s do it now! Name an adverb!”

*  Also, unbeknownst to me, Chicken has instituted a new house rule: Farting on the couch gets you kicked off so someone else can come sit.  Of course, this rule is a by-product of A. Not enough living room space for the whole family to sit comfortably and B. Too much gas.

As a result, Zoomboy was dragged off the couch, kicking and screaming I might add, so an exultant Squish could sit between her father and big sister.

I like this rule.  So do they– but that’s because they haven’t realized that the winner has to sit on the other person’s farts. They’ll figure it out soon enough.

*  And that’s about all.  For those interested in the “list”–
      ~ Finished Winter Ball– it will be out around Christmas.

     ~ Finished Lollipop– it will probably be out around February

    ~  Working on Selfie– it will probably be out around April

   ~  Next project is one of the DreamSpun Desires– a categorical romance project from Dreamspinner Press.  These are just like the Harlequin or Silhouette romances we all grew up on– a little bit predictable, a little bit tropey, and a whole lot enjoyable and comforting and fun.  I’m so excited for this line of books– and so excited to be writing for it.  *happy purry sound*  I’m pretty sure that one has a 9 month lead in, so it will probably be out around June or July.

   ~  Then I have a stand alone novel of WHEEEE!!!!  I don’t want to commit to whatever this will be, because the last time I just dove into a stand alone novel of WHEEEE!!!! I wrote Winter Ball, and I think it was pretty special.

    ~ Then I will be working on a sequel. I have so many to choose from, but I think first stop is going to have to be Johnnies.  I have some plot work to do.

     ~ Then I will be reassessing my queue and seeing where I’m going with it.  This needs to be done sometimes. I know I would love to write Wasted Grace and Chicken Sh*t– but we shall see how things go.

So there you have it– the first day of school and the rest of my year!  Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Unknown says:

    ..looking at the soccer field, "all we are is dust in the wind…." Hugs!

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