Pretty pretty yarn…

So I got a new order of yarn in the mail–it’s called Halloweentown (I think) and it’s from Nerd Girl Yarns.   Now, if you go to the page and look around, you’ll realize that they dye yarns in fandoms– so, a lot of their yarns are named after, say, characters or lines from Dr. Who or The Avengers or Supernatural.


So, I was still tripping on the excitement of my Nerd Girl Yarn delivery, when I realized that, as the wave-crashing insanity of my whatever-sockyarn shawl continued, I was going to need, perhaps, some purple in my next sequence. (Trust me– there IS a stripe sequence here–give it two or three more repeats and it will become clear.)

So, I was crawling through the sock archives when I discovered, THIS.

It was dyed (I believe) by a wonderful woman named Nancy Ianone who read the Green’s Hill books ten years ago, and sent me a skein of sock yarn dyed around Green (the green!), Bracken (the brown gray), and Cory (the sunshine yellow:-)  It looks like the ocean–and probably would have been perfect for Wave Crash (as I’ve now dubbed it) but… but… it’s so pretty. It was made JUST FOR MY GUYS.

I love it so.

But it did make me think.

One of my favorite things–and this is sock yarn I’ve kept– was when Opal yarns put out Harry Potter color ways. I was able to get Ron Weasely and Albus Dumbledore.  I still have them–I look at them sometimes as I’m sifting through the archives and just pet them.

I love them so.

Now, I know not a lot of people respond on the blog itself–but I DO get a lot of responses on social media, so feel free to chat me up there.

What colors do your favorite characters make you think of?  Not just mine–although PLEASE if you have an idea for my characters, send me, by all means!  But any of your favorite characters–if you have a color way or a sock yarn or just a few bars on Colour Lovers, by all means send me a swatch.  What colors do you think best suit your favorite characters in books, film, or TV?  I mean, if you think about it, for visual literature, people spend HOURS looking at swatches and palettes– it’s only natural for us to pick up on those, right? And authors think about hair color, eye color, what kind of furniture this character would have, what they would like to wear–

What colors are your characters in love with?

I’m dying to find out…

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