We had so much fun!

The event was lovely–but then, it was last year too, and that’s why I brought my kids this year. The parade was well attended and meaningful, and the booths were active and vibrant.

My kids had a fantastic time, and we brought Chicken’s best friend (since Chicken worked) who was happy to come with us.


But… but there was Pride Bunny.

See, I asked Chicken to make me Pride Bunny– she made a bunny for Squish and it was awesome, and she said she’d make me one–

And then, last night, told me it was going home with Stevi.

And look at that picture–Stevi looks so happy with her! I mean, Pride Bunny was MEANT for Stevi.

But we all got attached to Pride Bunny!

So I’m begging Chicken to make me another Pride Bunny, to put QSAC on the front of, so we can bring her to ALL of the QSAC functions.



I haven’t made stuffed animals in SO LONG–but if she doesn’t make me another Pride Bunny, I may have to. *long suffering sigh*

It won’t be nearly as good.


I was there with Pat Henshaw, D.L. Kent, SA Collins, Mike Nichols, J. Scott Coatsworth, L.E. Franks, and Jeff Adams and Will Knauss, of podcast fame.

Now, I’ve met Jeff and Will before–but never had a chance to talk to them, but today I actually had that chance to talk to Jeff.

He was hilarious and charming and I SO WANT to be on their podcast! (They asked me, around fall, and I’m like counting the days already.)

So in general?

It was an awesome day.

And now, 3000 words before I sleep.

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