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So, first of all, Lisa Horan at The Novel Approach reviewed Immortal and made me cry. No lies– the review is that good.  I’m totally hoping the book lives up to it!  You’ll all have to let me know!  Also, I’ll be on Lisa’s blog on Friday, talking about fairy tales– and why you need to read them as a grown up!  I’ll announce the holy crap out of that on social media, because I’m proud of that essay!

And speaking of essays… I was over at Love Bytes on Sunday, talking about Immortal and the Dragon.

And I’ll be over at Sinfully Sexy on Friday, as well with an interview, and a release day review! Sweet!!!!

And if you haven’t bought your advance copy yet, you may want to consider buying it from Dreamspinner Press!  They’re having their anniversary sale, and as a 3rd year author (as in, I started writing for them in 2009, which was their third year of operation!) all of my stuff goes on sale on the 8th!  (Of course, a whole lot of awesome people are on sale RIGHT NOW, so by all means follow that link before the 8th too!)

And I’m currently packing up swag for RT (and destashing swag to the lovely people who commented on my blog a while back… so, swag is EVERYwhere!)  This heavy duty plastic tumbler is one of my favorite things ever.  Imma keep one for myself.

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