Proof that Yarn is All Things Good…

Today promised to be a bitch of a day.

Errand 1: Get Bryar her dance clothes. They don’t make big girls dance clothes on any corner of our red-neck of the woods, so we had our choice of a store in Rocklin (about 20 minutes away) or a store in Sac (about 30 minutes away) and I decided we would try Rocklin first.
Errand 2: Get another baby pool. The dog ruined the last one. Since we were going to be right next to K-Mart anyway, I figured we’d go to K-Mart.
Errand 3: Get the Cave TRoll’s hair cut. He was starting to look too much like his nickname for comfort. Since we were going to be in Rocklin, I know of a ‘Kids Hair Cut Place’ (cars for chairs, videos, lollipops, toys to play with while waiting) in Rocklin. I know about this place because it was RIGHT ACROSS from my 2nd favorite yarn store. (It’s my second favorite because, even though it has more floor space, the nice, late middle aged ladies in there are often appalled by the small, lollipop wielding kind-hurricanes that I drag in my wake. They would rather I were also in late middle aged, and could leave them at home.)

I was set–I had an agenda, and in spite of the fact that it was 85 degrees at 9:30 in the morning when we left, I was sure I could accomplish it.

Then, disaster strikes. The dance store does not have ANYTHING we need. Oh crap. My whole agenda is set in ROCKLIN, and the idea of clawing through traffic and schlepping an increasingly cranky Ladybug out into what was soon nto be 102 degree heat was soooooooooo not attractive. Well, I figure, I’m here, I might as well get done what I could get done, so to K-Mart we went. We bought three baby pools–count ’em, three… screw the effen dog, she can swim if she wants too, we’ve got another effin pool in the wings. We also bought toys to sustain the kinder-canes through that miserable journey down to Sac.

Chicken needs a mention here–I was frazzled and stressing and the little ones were making me nuts, and as we were leaving K-Mart, she said, “That was a happy place–there were lots of nice little old ladies there.” She’s not a bad kid, in spite of the blue hair. (I bought her the dye, I should know:-)

Anyway, next stop, Cave Troll’s new do…he’s so good during this…he just sat and rocked in the car and watched his video–he didn’t say a word the entire time. It freaked the hair-stylist out a little, if you must know the truth. And then we turn to go. Except…Filati’s is RIGHT THERE and I DON’T WANNA GO TO SAC and it’s RIGHT THERE, and I tell Chicken, hey–we’re going to do a drive-by yarn-buy, and suddenly what do I see?

Capezio’s Dance Supply Store, that’s what I see.

No shit. It’s four doors down from Filati’s, and buddy, I’m so there. They had it–they had everything we needed, ($107.00, thank you very much…) and I NEVER WOULD HAVE SEEN IT if it hadn’t been for that physical need to go fondle yarn.

Which I did–it took me two and a half minutes to pick out a skein of Colinnette Jitterbug, and the elegant, late-middle aged woman behind the counter took a look at me with Ladybug under my arm (she was struggling!) and the Cave Troll who was headed for the buttons and suggested I might want to try a drive-thru yarn shop next time.

I didn’t mind. All good things come from yarn–I’ll never doubt again.

0 thoughts on “Proof that Yarn is All Things Good…”

  1. Bells says:

    you know you’re preaching to the choir Amy, don’t you? 🙂

  2. Bunny Queen says:

    Drive through yarn shop — I could work with that. My budget would definitely appreciate the inability to do an impulse buy… or four. *grin*

  3. You were like 5 minutes from my house. Too bad I was at SCHOOL. They picked a great day to do a technology training course on HOSTS. The ENTIRE campus was offline today. How then, one might ask, were they planning to train us to use an online based interactive tutoring program? Good question. We sat and stared at each other for a few hours and listened to the guy try to explain what we would be seeing if we were able to get online. I heart where we work. :/

  4. NeedleTart says:

    Funny thing. I wanted to dye Elder Son’s hair blue when he was about three. Not as a fashion statement, just to freak out my mother. Sadly, I didn’t. When he did dye his hair (as a teenager) it was blond. Sigh.

  5. Amy Lane says:

    OMG–okay–for anybody who didn’t believe that our work sucks that badly, I think you just hammered that nail…

  6. Netter says:

    Yes, yarn is the Source. We take B to one of those kiddie places and he just loves it. They have trains to play with and give out lollipops and movies he doesn’t have at home. He didn’t even need a fun chair last time. Three baby pools, two for the kids, and one for you!

  7. roxie says:

    Good day, Sunshine! Yarn brings so many blessings. Obviously, you were meant to go to that store, and were rewarded for your yarn love!

    What dance style is Chicken into?

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