Pumpkin Chunkers

 First of all–have I done a cover reveal for this one yet?  I feel sort of mean doing it now– it’s not out until January, but, well, I’m editing it, and John is…


Damaged, ruined, sarcastic and strong– I’m glad to be back in the Johnnies world again.  I have plans to visit again, but we’ll have to see– maybe John would be a good place to end, but I’ve got a few more couples in mind.

I mean…

Well, you’ll see when it comes out.  (Yes. I am an insufferable tease, why do you ask?)

Also– Beneath the Stain is out on amazon and ARe in complete novel form, and most folks seem to like it fine.  People have been lovely about reviewing it– maybe because it’s been so long since I had a book out, and maybe because they can tell this one is special to me, but it’s been really nice to see the reception of Mackey James Sanders and company.  So, yanno, thanks y’all– and if you haven’t checked it out yet, by all means do!

Now, on to personal stuff…

I mentioned at GRL that I was privileged to receive an awful lot of gifts–and then, on Saturday, this arrived.

That’s needle felting, all– you poke a piece of roving again and again with a barbed needle until it becomes more or less solid– squishy, but solid.  So the dragon, the bunnies, the hiding aplaca– they are all needle felted, and the fuzziness is alpaca roving, and the colors are water color bubbles.

You recognize it, right?

I mean… isn’t it awesome?

I mean… *flails*



It’s breath-stopping.

And it is, in its way, a big signal from the goddess for me to not take anything for granted.  Somebody made this for me, and I am grateful and honored.

And in the same way, I am grateful and honored for my family.

So look what my parents did for my children this weekend!

There is an RV park in Plymouth where my kids have gone for the past three years to be part of the Halloween festivities.  Everyone who camps there during the festival decorates their RV’s and dresses up and fully participates in Halloween (and since we’re very pagan it IS Halloween, and not a harvest festival of or a county fair or any of that. My kids participate in full out  “the evil spirits are out there so be respectful”, All Hallow’s Eve.)


My parents invite my kids and we provide children and costumes, and parents make sure they end up at the contests and the trick or treating and that they help decorating.

And my kids have a helluva time.

This year, ZB’s costume (suggested by ZB, planned by me, executed by the spectacular Mate) was a “Creeper” from Minecraft.  Now, there were costumes we could BUY, but ZB wanted to make his– so  we did.  We were a little worried, right?  I mean… all those other kids, with their fancy store bought costumes?  And ZB won first prize in the tween category– he was so proud.  Apparently being clever trumped being perfect, and I’m saying, Mate thought it was really worth it.

Also, the family won first prize for their decorations in the Most Interactive category– everyone wanted to know where my dad bought his “Punkin Chunkin” catapults.  He said, “Bought?  I made them using PVC pipe.” And I asked if they used the craft dye on their T-shirts, and he said, “Oh… they make that?  I used Krylon!”

And that right there is my parents.  You have to love them– because, dudes, look at them.  How much awesomeness is there in the Punkin Chunkin’ booth?

I’m saying.

Also, apparently my kids cut out on some of the Trick’R’Treating so they could help man the booth and retrieve the “punkin’s” (styrofoam balls) after they’d been flung at the tarp with the catapult.  They really loved that part– and that’s my kids too.  They wanted to help– and I think that makes them all sorts of awesome.

My parents really wanted Mate and I to come next year’s shindig, and we just might.  I mean, it looks like fun, right?

Also– and this needs saying again, even after the “Zombie Bird” incident of 2010– I cannot emphasize enough the following about cat ownership:

The only thing worse than finding a dead bird in the house is finding part of a dead bird in the house.


Only part.

And I’ll leave you with that.

Feeling like this yet?  O.O

Yeah.  Me too.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…the joys of feline companionship. Kitty leaves you an offering in hopes of catnip in return? Miss Violet is small, 3.5 lbs of runt small. She's too small to outright kill the mouse she'd grabbed, so she flings the body at the wall and breaks it's neck – Just.Like.That. In front of Mama, giver of all things yummy.

    Yes, these wonderful scenarios, along with rabbit heads left on the back porch….ah yes, the joys of pet parenting are almost as noteworthy as human parenting. Both give us joy, grief and wonder – in all their flavors…


  2. We like non-store-bought costumes here, too — last year VelcroBoy was a bat (I had to cut wings out of a big piece of black cotton) and DinoBoy was a turtle (we made his shell out of a piece of foam board for school projects). This year, Girl-child is being an Igorina — she's been reading a LOT of Discworld, bless her! — and DinoBoy just got glasses, so he picked out the most Harry Potter frames he could find. He's going to be Harry Potter in Dudley's hand-me-downs. And VelcroBoy is going to be a penguin, which means I have to spray-paint an old pair of shoes orange. 😀

  3. Unknown says:


    Nice to see your children have inherited your joie de vivre and your sense of adventure. And I can see where you get your steak from.

    And kudos to the parents for the dog's shirt. Pups are family too in my house.


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