Puppy, Car, Snow, and Squish

 Oh my Goddess– you KNOW it’s been a big week when I almost miss my own book release.  Seriously– I almost completely forgot!  Puppy, Car, and Snow is coming out, and besides really loving the simplicity and charm of the cover, I’m sort of pleased by the story as a whole.   It was a request, actually, and I’m always sort of thrilled to do those!  Elizabeth, my publisher at Dreamspinner, really sort of loved my first guys.  Jace and Quent from Gambling Men have their own novel coming out in May, and that’s a WHOLE other story, but Ryan and Scotty, who also showed up in the Curious Anthology in the short story, “Shirt”, were also favorites.  Yeah, they got their own story in Phonebook, but Elizabeth wanted to see more of them, and she wanted to see them for Christmas.  (She’s done this with a couple of authors, I think– Mary Calmes and Isabelle Rowan and Andrew Grey, that I know of for certain.)  
Anyway, Elizabeth asked, and I wrote, and because Ryan and Scotty have always been about finding the greatest joys in the simplest things, I kept the title–and the theme–simple.  My guys are having Christmas with Ryan’s family.  Ryan’s mother is the disapproving sort.  Let the games begin!  For those of you interested, do read the excerpt that you can find when you follow the link– it’s short, hot, and, features a giant luggage-eating not-poodle.  How can you go wrong?

 And this is Squish, after her photo appointment with the big guy in the red suit.  She’s telling me what she wants for Christmas, and none of it sounds remotely like what Mate and I got when we were in the pink aisle at Toys R’Us.  I hope general pink will do for her–when it comes to specific pink, I’m thinking we’ve just failed Christmas.

And this is my santa and his elf.  She looks really demonic in this picture.  She, umm, sort of is in real life too–but in the cute, you want to just squeeze those little cheeks way!

And this is the two of them in line, charming the holy bejeebus socks out of everybody. Okay–maybe just me, but my holy bejeebus socks were nowhere in sight by the time I turned them loose with their older siblings in what must have been the shortest shopping trip in history.  The mall was almost empty, and I think we spent a grand total, Santa and all, of an hour and a half there, and that included pretzels and Icees when they were done.  Holy crapgasm, batman– best shopping trip EVER!

And this is Chicken, because this outfit?  Is awesome sauce, plain and simple.  Don’t mind the scowling–she doesn’t recognize her own awesomeness.  Makes her grumpy.  And that manic bit of pre-cut foam?  That is practically the closest thing you can find to a model these days– it’s Santa’s Ski Lodge, (although we’ve been calling it Santa’s Little Sweatshop all week, in honor of our time with our Christmas cards, which were, as always, a family endeavor!)  

And Squish… making sure her elf is intact.  She should have no worries– she’s elfish at it’s best:-)

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  1. roxie says:

    You are such a busy writer that another book release is just one more to add to the pile. Ho hum. If you don't have to bleed through the pores for it, you pretty much don't think it counts. We understand. Those of us who have not worked our asses off and broken our hearts for the past decade the way you did, are just jealous of your overnight success.

    Nah – I can't even manage to be jealous. You totally earned that success. Bravo and hooray for you. May you make a decent living at it!

    Squish is impish, rather than elfin. Love her! Zoom boy is adorable, as ever!

  2. Donna Lee says:

    Funny how our children don't ever get their own awesomeness. "You have to say that, you're my mother". Someday some handsome young man/woman will say that and they'll suddenly believe it.

    I wanted Pk to sit with Santa and have our photo taken to give to the girls for Christmas-kind of a twist on the kids giving the parents a photo thing. He wouldn't do it. Next year, I'll just go by myself and take a photo of him with me to hold up.

  3. 30 minutes at the mall?! During this season?

    Congrats on the book!

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