Okay, you know. Because I’m a teflon duck, right? Seriously–thank you to everyone who has been supportive and kind and wonderful as I “ACCKKKKK!!!” my way through another bout of misguided literary criticism. I’ve put out five books and written the equivalent of seven (since I’m going to release Jack and Teague as a book, and am two stories short of that being complete, it counts) and I’m very serious–if folks didn’t tell me the writing mattered, I don’t think I would have made it beyond book two. (I was still riding on hubris and ‘what the hell, it’s not like anybody’s going to READ them’ by book two… by book three, the true extent of my hubris had kicked in!) So thank you–all of you–for telling me that the writing matters, and that “foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds”:-)

And on to other news!

Chicken had a soccer tournament this weekend–I caught one game, the one that was delayed by two hours in the blistering (105 degree) heat. It was so sad–we pulled up and looked for our parent, and there they were. Under the one tree on our side of the field. All twenty people, huddling like you would from the rain. Unfortunately, we brought the short people with us, and they were MISERABLE. And our girls got the snot beat out of them–but Chicken got a NICE compliment from her coach, so she was pleased. Anyway, we lost all three games and since I cut game three to go visit James and Rebecca at the local anime convention (the Little Vampire people… LURVE them!) soccer only gobbled part of my weekend.

I also made a trip (a fiscally irresponsible and yet highly satisfying trip) to my LYS. Babetta put out a free pattern for a slouch hat made out of Noro sock yarn… I’m dying to try it… but I’m SO eyeball deep in other projects…. eventually I will find balance. Sure I will.

But back to Sacanime–it was CROWDED–and I understand yesterday it was worse! I took Ladybug, so I was pushing the stroller but she was SO good, I’m glad she came. (Can’t say as much about the trip to the grocery store on the way home when she slagged a fit of ginormo proportions, but, well, she’s small but powerful and both 90% cute AND 90% evil!) And it was good to see James and Rebecca again. And I bought Chicken a T-shirt and Mate a print…OMG–if anyone out there likes Office Space AND vampires, it’s the best print! It’s a red stapler, being stapled by a vampire. The poor little guy gets flung off into the stratosphere (because he’s like, smaller than the stapler) and the last thing you see is the red stapler and his little swear-exclamations. Okay. I NEED a picture of the picture. Suffice it to say, it’s a winner and Mate will be the most popular nerd in the cubicle! Everybody got something–even a small something (the little ones got Little Vampires pins…) and I was so glad I went. It was worth the price of admission just to see some of the people I talk with on the internet and know that they’re real. (I think this is why we love to send each other stuff… I know I love it. It makes my friends–my dear friends–real, flesh and blood people. I know I’d go far out of my way to meet most of you!)

(OMG– speaking of Mate–one of our favorite movies on! Galaxy Quest–must go watch with Mate!) I got a nap today after Sacanime and soccer and grocery shopping and lunch and stuff… maybe I can actually make it through the whole thing!)

Okay–this blog post was all over the place–and I’m sorry. I’ll try for coherency on yet another day. For tonight, I’m going to finish Ladybug’s socks, DAMMIT I will, and fondle Declan and Deacon some more. Mmmmmm…. schweaty men! (Knittech can vouch for me… the guys are real, and they’re HOT.)

Night all!

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  1. Good story!!! OMG…

    It sounds as if you had a good weekend.

  2. Donna Lee says:

    I made myself finish a pair of socks this weekend. Too bad about the heat. Is it usually that hot this time of year?

    And I agree with the mailing things idea. It makes all those people we talk to online into real people. Like pixiedust for the internet or something.

  3. roxie says:

    The weekend was all over the place, so why not the blogpost?

    I'm surprised the soccer games don't get called because of the heat. But in Sacramento, I guess the kids would never get to play if the games got called on account of heat.

    It's just a fact of life. Not everyone in the world will love you Their loss. The people who DO love you, love you a whole helluva lot!

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