Quarantine, Day… What day is it?

Squish was petting her cat tonight and found… *shudders*

Squish: Oh, hey– what’s this? What did you bring me? Is this a SLUG!

Me: *tiny voice* ew…

Squish: Look at it, Mom! It’s so cute!

Me: *tiny voice* Sure. Adorable. *closes eyes*

Squish: No, seriously–I’ve seen videos on tik-tok where they put the slugs in jars and keep them moist and cover them in leaves, and feed them loam and…

Me: *finally finding my voice* No. Absolutely not.

Squish: But Mom!

Me: Not on day… what day is it?

Squish: Tuesday.

Me: Oh, shit–okay– so, day 11?

Squish: Yeah.

Me: Maybe day 23–maybe.

ZB: We can WHAT?

Squish: Make a tiny slug terrarium and keep adorable little baby slugs!

Me: Put that outside maybe?


Squish: But they’re so CUTE!

ZB: *picking up dog* Cute? You call that CUTE? THIS. This is cute. Look at him? Isn’t he sweet?

Johnnie the dog: *rolls eyes and grimaces obsequiously*

Squish: He’s fine–but imagine a little jar full of baby slugs!

Me and ZB: No. No. We are not that bored.

Squish: *walks toward door to deliver baby slug softly on a bed of damp grass*  Not. Yet.

Johnnie the dog: *looks a little alarmed*

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