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They never knew the room was bugged. But that was okay–Diana cleared the observation deck as soon as she saw them sitting, hips touching, Bruce with his head on Clark’s shoulder.

Finally it was going to happen.

And it wasn’t like she was a born voyeur, but hey– she’d known both of them biblically, and…

Well, at the very least she wanted to see them happy.

*  *  *

Clark fell into the kiss like a rock into a well.  Oh… everything. Everything he’d ever hungered for in sex, but had been missing, it was in the taste of Bruce Wayne’s mouth, in his rough-skinned touch on Clark’s biceps, in the urgent way he cupped Clark’s neck and urged him closer, harder, more.

Clark barely had the presence of mind to lift his head.  “Bed,” he rasped. “Shouldn’t we… bed–nung…”

Bruce lay on his back, hands busy at Clark’s leather belt.  “We’re on mats here,” he panted. “Bed too far.”

Bed too far, words too complex, Bruce shoved the jeans down past Clark’s hips and groaned as he grabbed himself a double handful of super-ass.  He kneaded, and licked Clark’s ear, then nibbled, then nipped.


“Does it hurt?” Bruce asked, breath shivering in the cave of Clark’s ear. “You’re Superman… you topple buildings… my teeth, right there…”  he nipped again, and Clark heaved against him, grinding his bare cock into the crease of Bruce’s thigh.

“Nungh…”  Clark couldn’t make words, couldn’t explain the weird inversion of quantum mechanics that controlled the density of his body when he was in close proximity with humans, couldn’t give voice to why he’d never fucked a woman to death and had never shot a hole through a man’s ass with his super sperm. He couldn’t talk about hickeys on his skin, or why he’d never clench someone’s dick off, or the time he’d masturbated until he was raw, hearing Bruce’s voice in his ear while he was far away, visiting Krypton, receiving reports from the JLA for no other reason than they missed talking to him.

He could just quiver, and grind against Bruce’s leg, and shudder, because it had been long, so long, and he’d wanted this man with unrelenting need.

Bruce’s low laughter was edged with desire. “Don’t care if it hurts,” he muttered. “As long as it drives you–“

He went to nip again, and Clark let out a roar of frustration.  He ripped off Bruce’s T-shirt, and shredded his sweats, watching in fascination as Batman, scourge of Gotham city, went boneless underneath him, staring at him hungrily with parted lips and hooded eyes.

“Insane,” Clark panted, so there was no mistake, and then he lowered his head to Bruce’s chest.  Nipple… suck… lave… nip… feel Bruce’s fingers, tightening in his hair.  Other nipple… suck… lave… nip–

“You gonna get to my cock soon?” Bruce goaded, thrusting his hips up.

Clark’s moan sounded broken, even to his own ears. Bruce shoved at his head, not gently, and Clark followed his lead, wanting to taste, wanting it in his mouth, while Bruce lay helpless beneath him.

Helpless. The man hated being helpless.

Clark wanted his body in full fighting trim– wanted his muscles hard and impervious, wanted his cardio muscle beating strong and rhythmically.

It was Bruce’s figurative heart Clark wanted to hold in his hand.

Clark couldn’t cup it there, next to his chest, make sure Bruce Wayne was never hurt again.  His body, his humanoid, animal body, was urging him to mate, to claim, with mouth, and ass and cock, and that was the best he could do.

He lunged at Bruce Wayne’s cock–thick and hard, wider than any man Clark had been with, and only a little shorter than Clark’s own.  Clark stretched his mouth around it, took it deep into his throat, swallowed hard, fed from him, and Bruce’s breathless yelps of pleasure/pain were sustenance to his soul.

He cupped Bruce’s ass, spreading it, hefting Bruce’s hips closer so he could take that cock to the bottom  of his throat.  Ah– ah… Bruce grunted, allowing a little precum to spurt, and Clark wanted it, all of it, lining his throat, filling his stomach, making him human–you are what you eat.

“If I cum now,  you’ll have to top,” Bruce panted.

It was enough to make Clark pause.  He pulled back, allowing Bruce’s cock to flop on his cheek and bounce off.  “No,” he whispered, tortured.  “No. Fuck me. I… need…”

He needed Bruce inside. If Bruce was trapped inside him, they could never be separated, never be parted, their atoms would mingle, their cosmic dust would form the same stars.

He shredded his own clothes and while Bruce was still kicking off sweats and shoes, he blurred, to the bedroom and back, for the bottle of high end personal lubricant that had been sitting there, hopefully, since he’d moved in.

Bruce laughed softly when he returned. “You are an optimist,” he muttered, pushing gingerly to his knees and pulling Clark in for a kiss by his bare shoulder.

“Why?” Clark couldn’t seem to get his breath.

“That’s a big bottle.”  Bruce smiled, inviting Clark to get the joke, but Clark couldn’t.

He squirted a dollop and turned around, hands and knees, and reached behind him, plunging his lubed fingers in without hesitation or second thought.  Helpless. He was helpless before the desire that consumed him.

He thrust hard and deep, grunting, body lost in the throes of the animal act, and when Bruce grabbed his wrist he almost did the unforgivable and shook him off.

But he didn’t.

He succumbed to the whispered, “Sh… sh… it’s okay. I’ve got you. I’ll take you. You need me.”

Superman, most powerful man on the planet, buried his face in his arms and waggled his bare, stretched ass in the air. “I do,” he half sobbed. “I do. I ned you. I need you. I need you so bad…”

Bruce’s hands on his hips reassured him, and his cock, thick and still wet from “super drool” breached him slowly, carefully, until Clark wished he could clench and rip a man’s dick off because he was dying, begging, every sob, every syllable, a cry of debasement, of acknowledgment.

I’m helpless without you. I’m nothing. I’m space dust. I’m only real with you inside me, in my head, in my heart, in my body.

Bruce seemed to know. He slid all the way in and then gentled his hands over Clark’s body, tender touches, and he was murmuring words.

My beautiful one… my sky. My blessing, my promise, the matter of my heart. 

Oh God… Bruce Wayne spoke poetry during sex.

Clark Kent closed his eyes and howled, needing the animal, needing the fucking, unsure of when he would ever hear words like that again.

But the fucking was inevitable, like colliding planets but faster, fuller, until it wasn’t just a cock in an orifice, it was a Bruce Wayne inside Clark’s skin, inside his body, taking residence in his heart, until Clark couldn’t hold him there anymore and he exploded, detonated, became atoms, electrons, protons, quarks.

He came, his cock spewing semen like any other man.

And his ass clenched, triggering Bruce’s climax, hard and strong, still arousing Clark, even as his arms trembled, went out from under him, and he collapsed in a puddle of his own cum, Bruce on top of him, sweaty, and laughing and exhausted.

And still murmuring. Of course I love you, how could I not? And when I die, I’ll become dust, and I’ll fall through the heavens to touch your skin.

Clark felt tears start. Bruce was mortal, Clark was not, but no. No, he didn’t want this end, not for them.

He spoke his own poetry.

When you die, my matter will fly outward, our dust will mingle, we’ll be the same, particles, neutrons, atoms, quarks, we’ll be inside each other, creating, recreating, the planets, the suns, the stars.

Bruce nuzzled his ear, and they both stopped telling each other silly words.  “My leg hurts,” he confessed, and Clark almost broke down right there.

“Get off me, asshole. I’ll carry you to bed.”

He did, too, feeling like he’d actually succeeded in the JLA goal, and rid the world of evil.

He’d earned Bruce Wayne’s trust, could see him helpless, could prostrate himself before his heart’s god and be given sweet release.

It was a quark of happiness in a universe of chaos. It was enough.

* * *

Diana saw it all– heard their vows, watched their sex. And yes– a part of her needed a lover desperately after that, and she would go find one, because she had no qualms about sexual gratification, nor should she.

But a part of her was troubled. She would remember their words–for forty years, they would haunt her. Bruce Wayne grew old, eventually retiring to the watch tower, where his fine mind continued to benefit the world, even if he could no longer execute acrobatics in the field.

Clark Kent aged slowly, looking fifty to Bruce’s eighty–but still looking at Bruce Wayne, every day, like he hung the sun and the moon and the stars.

The day the Watchtower exploded was the worst day of her life.  Bruce was inside, scrambling desperately to reroute the reactor leak that had been created by an enemy, and Clark, flying faster than light, faster than thought, but not faster than time, trying to get there to save him, as he’d always saved him, even from that first bomb that had nearly destroyed them both.

He was too late.  He’d felt the heat of the blast as he’d reached into the flare of it, and as Diana screamed, “Clark, no!” she watched it happen.

It was an act of will.

She saw his body fade, his molecules spreading, the density and power that was Superman becoming thinner, more human, until, as the blast wave expanded, he was taken out, vaporized, like Bruce Wayne had been but a half-second before.

When the bad guy had been caught–because they were always caught– she’d presided over their services. In front of the entire world she’d recited the words that only she had heard, the vows the lovers had said before each other and one reluctant voyeur:

 Of course I love you, how could I not? And when I die, I’ll become dust, and I’ll fall through the heavens to touch your skin.

When you die, my matter will fly outward, our dust will mingle, we’ll be the same, particles, neutrons, atoms, quarks, we’ll be inside each other, creating, recreating, the planets, the suns, the stars.

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