Quick Bites

Me to Squish: So, I think we might be able to go shopping at Old Navy on Thursday for school clothes–good?

Squish: I don’t know how that would work, Mom. There’s, you know. The red wave.

Me: *puzzled* Republicans are invading Old Navy?

Squish: …

Me: … Oh. We can go next Monday instead.

Squish: That would be best.

*  *  *

Mate and I are watching Veronica Mars, and I am fawning all over Logan Echolls, the asinine 0-9er (as they call the rich kids in the series) because he is such a poor-little-rich-boy and I am so falling for his big brown eyes.

Me: But see– he was a douchebag, but he feels badly about it.

Mate: All the 0-9ers can burn in hell.

Me: Harsh.

Mate: …

Me: Okay, fine, he’s an asshole but I like his eyes.

*  *  *

I made enhanced pizza for ZoomBoy today– regular Safeway cheese pizza but I added turkey pepperoni to it.   ZoomBoy was so happy.

Mate and Squish were a little meh.

Me, to Mate: It was good, dinner?

Mate: *shrugs*

Me: Look–we eat simmered chicken and vegetables like four nights a week, and he humors us and microwaves burritos.

Mate: *sigh* Yeah. OKay. It wasn’t bad.

Me: Good. I just wanted to make his food too.

* * *

And I promised Jai and George–possibly tomorrow, maybe Thursday. But DEFINITELY this week. *sigh* Summer went by so fast… are we all ready for Paint it Black in a week?

I’M NOT!!!!

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