Quick! Write something!

Okay– so, having no luck on the adorable little anecdote front here–sublime thoughts all used up in my fiction. (Which I need to get back to!) So, I think what we’re getting tonight is a random list of blog topics that I do not have time to get to tonight.

Oi, I suck at this…

*  Squish’s enjoyment of the chicken in disco pants

*  Little old misogynist women in the pool and how I let them live

*  The drunken douchewaffle frat boy is more credible than the poised psychologist because why?

*  My weird visual aesthetic and why I no longer pick out my own cover art and why my cover artists are probably super super relieved

*  I’ve managed to botch plane tickets AND hotel reservations in the same week. Why are we letting me leave the house again?

* So, Amy, how long is your book NOW?

* Dogs with bed face, and why they still deserve treats

* What do you furry freaks have against knitting again?

* Thank you, Chicken, for walking with me in the morning and fondling my dogs when you get home

*  So missing Clayne Crawford on Lethal Weapon, but Sean William Scott is kind of flipping my switch, and why that’s embarrassing af

* Thin yarn and big needles and why it’s a cheat but one I’ll come back to time and again

* The unexpected allure of middle aged men in purple

* Mate’s hilarious birthday T-shirts

* The many ways Karen Rose, Rayna Vause and I have come up with to kill people with weapons disguised as otherwise harmless items from our knitting kit. No, stabbing people with standard knitting needles is NOT an option.

* The new guy on 9-1-1– will he end up with Buckley, the new guy from last season? Because the show’s already pretty watchable, but I would pay money to watch that

* The last holdout for the pet door–surprise! It’s NOT one of the dogs!

* ZoomBoy, your cat… do something with it!

*  The new Magnum PI– finally, more fast paced brain candy I can knit to!

* Mate’s sweater and why it will take me until the next ice age

*  Oh SHIT–I have til WHEN to ship to GRL?

* No, no, Ms. Editor in Chief…I should have the book done by… uh… uh… THE END OF THIS WEEKEND SURE I’M NOT LYING AT ALL!

And on that note, I should probably get back to work…

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