Rabbit Hole

So… I’ve rather tamed the writing dragon in recent years–he was bad for my health, frankly. If I sat too long one thing would hurt, then another and then another–our bodies aren’t made to do that and it’s not good for them.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have times when my work is my blessing.

This week I’ve been writing like a madwoman–and I could work for ten hours a day and not catch up.  But I’m HAPPY in my work, and it’s not a hardship, and that doesn’t happen often and to everybody, so I’m grateful.


I made corned beef and cabbage tonight because the family loves it and Mate is going to see a basketball game tomorrow so it had to be tonight.  I’m gearing up and practicing– myself, Kim Fielding, J. Scott Coatsworth and DL Kent will be reading at the Lavender Library in Sacramento this Sunday at 5p.m.– and damn, I need to bring cookies for that!

And I’ve been proofing Quickening Part 2, and writing my blog tour for Bonfires.


And of course, talking to the kids and my husband.

So, sort of a boring day, but I do have two gems from the kids.

— The first one is a riddle from ZoomBoy: What do you get when you pour jello into a sandwich shaped box?  A mould-e sandwich!

–The next one was a conversation on the way from school. In the past, we’ve given the kids presents on St. Patrick’s day, because we’re helpless victims of consumerism and making our children happy with useless pieces of plastic, that’s why.

But they’re getting a little old for that. Seriously. Squish is going to be 11.

So when I realized I hadn’t gotten them anything for St. Patrick’s Day, I just owned it. “Uh, guys? Maybe the leprechaun won’t come to our house this year, okay?”


“Because mommy didn’t go shopping today?”

Squish snorted. “You need a better story than that.  Maybe someone stole his pot of gold.”

ZoomBoy agreed. “Yeah. Maybe Trump stole his pot of gold. He’s greedy. He’d do it.”

Squish said, “Yes! Trump did it, cause he’s mean.”

ZoomBoy added, “And he needed more gold to plate his toilets. So that’s why the Leprechaun isn’t coming to our house tomorrow.”

“Uh, okay. Sure. Good reason. We’ll r un with that.”

Because seriously–nothing beats a good leprechaun story on St. Patrick’s Day.

Oh! And do you like the quote memes?  Jaime at Alpha Books made them for her review–I love that we can do these now, and oh, aren’t they pretty?

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