Rampant Filking

OKay– I admit–I’ve cut and pasted this one from an entry I made on the amazon.com forum, but I went back and re-read it and it was fun, so I thought I’d share.

Here’s the plot of ‘Rampant’ to ‘Let it rock!’ (For the Supernatural video with this song on it, visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3VVNbbSjDs )

You see my girl/ she’s got/ nice and strong and powerful
Her loves/ they know/ exactly how to tend to her
But life/ it gets/ in the way of all the gooey sex
Let her rock let her rock let her rock!

There’s a black-mailer…
And a vamp-ire bear…
And a ba-by vamp…
Watch her wooooorrrrrkkkkk!!!

Because when she/arrives/ oh she brings the power
And the bad / guys/ they refuse to cower
And her in/laws/ they think she’s a skank-hoer

But she rocks but she rocks but she rocks…

She goes vis–it-ting….
To the great out-doors…
And lake Sha-a-sta…
Won’t be the same…

Cory and all her friends make an entourage of the Fairy Queen
They go visiting to find a pedophile but it takes a while
They’ve got politics (rock!) yeah politics…
There’s another vamp (rock) yeah another vamp
And he’s not so bad but he’s in a spot (rock!)
So she’ll fix him up and she’ll clean his house (rock!)
But she leaves bodies in her wake…

Because when she/ arrives/ yeah she brings the fire
Watch her come/ alive/ power can take you higher
Watch her lov/ers work/ to make she survives it

Let her rock let her rock!

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