Random moments…

*  I thought I lost the superman/batman knitting bag! Oh noes! Found it! My life is complete!

*  There’s a bird who lives in the Hyatt Regency Dallas bar. He watches us eat and thinks evil thoughts.    ~~~insert evil laughter here~~~

*  Met Cherry Adair last night! SQUEEEE!!!

*  Tomorrow is LGBTQ Cards Against Humanity with Riptide at 1:30. WOOT!

*  Also, a cocktail party.

* Also, a dinner with Riptide.

*  Whew!

*  People have heard of me here! Had a lovely talk with some fans this morning. Amy is happy!

* Had a talk with a husband coming to support his wife. Nice, nice man. His wife won the Golden Heart contest sponsored by RWA THREE TIMES and no one would give her a contract. She decided to self-pub and I hope she kicks ASS.  And her husband was a sweetheart– we were talking about helping the homeless, and how hard it was to know what was the right thing to do. (There was a man who had spoken to both of us, and his story was so consistent, and he was so NON needy, that we both wanted to confirm with each other that this guy was the real deal, and just needed some help.)

* Saw a man wearing pastel pink slacks, a green polo shirt, had silver wings at his temples, white loafers, and chains around his neck. No, not gay– I’m pretty sure he’s Texas Russian. Anyway– he’s SO getting a bit part in my next book.

* Got enough sleep last night. Had forgotten what that’s like.  Enjoy it. Would, perchance, do it some more.

*  Would really like to make it to at least ONE workshop. Need to get shits together–all in one bag please!

* Friday is Dreamspinner Apples to Apples and Wheel of Romance– WHEEE!

*  Saturday is Giant Book Fair and Fantastic Day Party– WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

* Mate has to cook Russian food for Zoomboy’s open house. Aw… gonna miss that.  Everyone wish Mate well!

* Geoffie sleeps with Zoomboy when I’m gone.  Who knew?

*  Johnnie sleeps with Mate. THAT’S loyalty.

* This kids reach this pitch on the third day of my absence… I thought it was just the phone, but apparently, it melts Mate’s ear-balls too.

*  And I’m signing off. I need to take pictures– i just do!

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