Random Shit

Okay–just gonna ramble on, with asterisks. It makes the blathering look organized:

* Took the teenagers to an anime con yesterday. It was a whole lot of fun–and we met the guy who did storyboarding designs for Batman Beyond, Static Shock, Teen Titans, ad infinitum. I tried not to drool over him–for one thing, he was my age and he might have taken it wrong.

* High point of the con was when I wandered into a picture someone was taking of a tight cosplayer and pulled a John Cusack from Say Anything. (Insert picture of me, looking socially retarded, right here: ) I looked at Chicken and said, “I’ve got to get out of here–I’m not cool enough for this place.” She laughed for the rest of the day.

* Chicken and T had a good time. Chicken had an A1 smartass conversation with a vendor that I will try to recapture here:

Me: “Chicken, who’s that in the picture?”

Chicken: “That’s Gara from Naruto.”

Me: “Cool–did he live?”

Chicken: “No–he died pretty early.”


Chicken” “I’m sorry!” (points to me) “It’s her fault– it’s the family spoiler gene!”

Me: “You can’t blame this one on me! Hey–who’s that?”

Chicken: “That’s another guy from Naruto.”

Me: “Did *he* live?”

Chicken (with the most precious straight face you’ve ever seen): “Yeah, mom. Absolutely. He’s all alive, I swear.”

The vendor cracked up, I cracked up–hell the girls behind us cracked up. I was so proud.

* I started school again today. Part happiness, part suckiness. Happiness–saw a bunch of kids I loved. Suckiness–my second period still sucks and my fourth has doubled in size. *sigh* I had a kid get his withdrawal slip signed so he could go to another class because the students in my 2nd period class “Don’t respect the teacher, even though she’s good.” Makes me want to bang my head against a table until I bleed. Don’t ask me why.

* My brake lights are out and my steering is going to die any minute. I REALLY hope my February royalty checks are bigger than I think they may be. (My ‘If I Must’ check is going to be bigger than I expected–it sold pretty well.)

* I continue to work on the Squishy-sized ass kicking nightmare in pink. I likes it. Of course I haven’t started the body shaping yet, and that’s where I suck lemons, but hell– I have big plans, right?

* I’m starting to wish I was more like Cory, the heroine from the Little Goddess series. Somehow it seems like all this angst about the two books would be more productive if I had a hair trigger stomach and was at least losing weight!

* I get to talk to grown ups during lunch tomorrow. Yay! (I was talking to kids today–also ‘Yay!’ since they’re my favorite kids, but grown ups are also fun.)

* Contest, contest, what shall I do for a contest? Should I give out three prizes (an e-copy of Promise Rock, a hard copy of Rampant AND a skein of mystery sock yarn?) Should I give one and let the person take their choice? Should I space out and forget it? Mmmm.. Probably Option A, with a first second and third prize. I’ll probably do the contest on Monday, to celebrate Promise Rock, and it’ll be a simple “Respond to this: ” kind of deal– but yeah… I’m gonna have a contest.

* But first I’m going to bed. Night all.

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  1. Donna Lee says:

    Watching your kids interact with people in their world is such an education, isn't it? I love it.

  2. roxie says:

    Hoorah! The first day back has been survived!

    Your kids have learned humor and timeing from the best! I love the kid stories! And Chicken totally rocks.

  3. Sounds like you had a good time with the kids. The tonic you needed before school.

  4. DecRainK says:

    Wow…. I feel your pain with your 2nd period class. . .

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