Random Thoughts About Subjects of which I Know Very Little…

*  I’d like to thank the movie The Book of Life

A. It was adorable.

B. It represented Mexican culture which not enough of mainstream American art does, and it did it in a positive way.

C. It had two flawed and yet lovable heroes and I rooted for them both. (And, yes, much like in Road to El Dorado I rooted for them both to be together, but that didn’t mean the girl wasn’t fun too.)

D. It made ZoomBoy love the Mumford and Son’s song I Will Wait For You.  That song has some awesome poetry in it, and I don’t mind listening to it ad infinitum (and I’m telling you All About That Bass got old quick) and I love the way his face lights up when it comes on.

*  You know how they’re willing to build a pipeline from the Alaskan wilderness to fuck-all, so they can rape the land for more petrol?  Why can’t we start a public works project to pipe the water that is about to flood the Mississippi big time (because, hello eternal fucking winter up north, right?) into California farmlands to maybe up our water table?  I’ll bet if Boehner and Company stop yanking their puds with both hands, we might be able to stop TWO major environmental catastrophes for the price and pud-wanking of one.  (Someone might be able to convince me that the science here is flawed, but they’ll never be able to convince me that the pud-wanking is not the source of many, many evils.)

*  Really, Oklahoma?  You want the End of Days THAT badly? Well, when it starts raining blood, frogs, and grasshoppers, we now know who to blame.  (Hint: No gay man in the world drills so far down for natural gas that it causes earthquakes. None. Not a single one. That’s actual science, ya know?)

*  My friend Ro sent me chocolate and Tiffany Glass Window bookmarks.  These things feed my soul.

*  Immortal comes out in two weeks.  I ordered magnets last night, and four bags for gift baskets and…

I am SO nervous. It’s funny how some books can fuck with your heart, even when there’s nothing you can do to change them.

*  Speaking of? I should be done with Quickening in the next week. I’m at 182K right now, and rounding into the final 20.  Like I said the other day– “Get outta my way kids, mama’s got a fuckin’ dragon to ride!”

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