Random Three Things

A. One of the girls at my McDonald’s noticed my ticket to the Marvel show on Saturday– which rocked, btw.  Anyway, she told me that she liked superheroes. On impulse I pulled out my my knitting pouch and showed her Batman and Superman, macking each other hard.

She was shocked, titillated, and, I could tell, interested.

I drove away and left her like that.  Maybe tomorrow, I’ll give her a card!

B. I quit drinking diet soda in January. Contrary to all reports, I did not automatically lose weight, gain a better complexion, or develop heightened mental acuity.

However, my digestion is better, and, as evidenced by my dentist appointment today, my gums are healthier.

The downside of this was that I giggled all the way through my dental cleaning, because IT FUCKING TICKLES.

They like me there, though. They’ve known me since I was a kid. They look forward to taking care of ZB’s teeth, which will need more metal than the Bay Bridge to reconfigure. Hell– my family? We’ve probably bought my dentist’s motorcycle. We’re solid that way.

C. I am not allowed to post this, but I wish I could. Chicken sent me a video of her and her friend dressed in costume dancing in a classroom. I still don’t understand the school assignment that drove them to it, but a Super Chicken in Steampunk Goggles singing “Uptown Funk” is one of those things you will never forget.


I want a still for her wedding album.

I want to show it to her children.

I don’t 

want to stop giggling over my little girl having fun, because it really was my happy for the day.

D.   I blew up the picture of Geoffie– I was was trying to prove she wasn’t a muppet. Tough job, that– she looks less like a real dog than ever.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Awww! I've tried to get a full on pic of Nugget…..but he STILL looks like a hairball I rescued from the vaccuum….and yeah, kids pics doing ridiculously funny things NEED to be saved for those times when they LEAST suspect that Mom is gonna drag the stuff out.

    It makes the gritty Mom stuff all worth it.

  2. Donna Lee says:

    I am hanging onto a photo of one of my girls sucking on her toes as a baby for the moment when she has kids.

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