Rayna’s present

So I am down two baby blankets– but that’s okay. I had to stop and make this adorable shawlette (it’s a Lion Brand pattern found HERE) for my friend Rayna.

Now, I know I’m putting this on broadcast, but Rayna is too damned busy to read the blog, and the reason she’s too damned busy to read the blog is that she’s been in med school to become a Physician’s Assistant, and has been for almost two years.

I’m a little in awe of Rayna.

During her sitting classes, she would chat with me on FB, and while I knew then her life was going to get busier and she would have less time to talk, I miss her already now that she’s up to her elbows in, well, human parts, actually, judging by our recent convo.

But I”m proud of her.

She’s one of the people I knocked around New York with when I went there two years ago, and she’s been my no-nonsense cheerleader and just an all around amazing person while accomplishing this REALLY IMPORTANT thing.

So, she has ninety days to go and I made her a thing. I’m giving it to her at RWA, and maybe she’ll see this before then (I can’t keep a secret to save my life) and maybe not–but either way, for those I owe baby blankets to, this is what I’ve been doing for the last two weeks–I hope you don’t mind.

Part of the reason it’s Rayna’s is the purple, btw.

I started it and thought, “A thing this bright, it COULD be a baby blanket!” and then I wanted to make it bigger (it says shawlette) and I had about 3/4 of a skein of purple sock yarn and… it was so pretty. The colors are off because I took it at night, but there is a little bit of purple in the multicolored part, and little bits of multi in the purple part… they set each other off, and I love it.

I hope she does too.

Also–I’m bragging a little– because I finished TODAY just in time to start something completely new for my vacation, which is SO REASSURING. I hate being in the middle of a project when I leave–SO MUCH PROJECT to haul around. So this was like “yarn win!” all around.

For some reason I’ve been on a crochet kick–but then, that’s the nature of bicraftuality, I guess. Some days you feel like nuts, somedays you don’t… (and feel like shawlettes instead 🙂

Also–let’s hear it for Squish who models for me even when she’s ready for bed and her hair is in her face and she doesn’t feel like it.

Oh! And the dogs–Mad World was on the radio when I started the car–they both wore their emo faces to get into it. The funny thing was that on FB, everybody was just infatuated with Jonnie’s little tummy.

Dogs are adorable–so true. Too bad you can’t see the little sad blep Johnnie gave when I took the picture. (My camera takes multi-frame pix, and sometimes that’s why you’re looking at something blurry–there IS a clean frame in the pic, but I don’t know how to isolate it yet. Anyway, there was a blep. Trust me.)

Blogging may be erratic in the next few days–everybody stay safe, stay cool, and hug each other!

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  1. Kerry says:

    I love that pattern! I made it a couple of years ago and took some really craptastic pics of it to put on Ravelry. Yours is beautiful and I'm sure your friend will love it 🙂

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