Reasons I love…

My friend Berry Jello–

Reason 1– I’m at her Scentsy party and I hand her a little wax fragrance tester.

“What’s that?” she asks– she is a little loopy with wine.

“I dunno. Smells like vanilla and cum.”

“Oh my God!”


“Did you guys hear that?” she said loudly. “Amy says this smells like vanilla and cum!”

“Uh, Berry, there was a reason I said that quietly to you.”

“Oh, sorry! What’s it called?”

“White Satin Sheets.”

She smells it, and then says, a little quieter, “Oh yeah. You’re right. It does smell like vanilla and cum.”

Reason 2–

“Smell this, Amy. It’s my favorite. It’s called “My Dear Watson.”

“Mmm…”  (I bought this scent later.)  “That’s…”  I think of Sherlock, smelling John’s neck. “Nungh…”

“Right?  And they’re so cute together.”

“Yeah. Totally. I’m buying this.”

“Good. YOu can write more fanfic.”

She’s so right. I’m TOTALLY writing more fanfic to this smell.

Reason 3– We are playing a game in which we try to guess what our hostess is thinking. There are a bunch of free association words, and we answer as though we are Berry Jello.

Berry complains that I have missed most of them, and do not know her at all.

“No!” I reply. “See?  Here, under “Run”– what did you put?”

“I put ‘No thank you’.”

“See what I put?”

“It says, ‘Why, am I being chased?'”  She giggles.  “Yeah, okay. You know me.”


We are listening to the kid’s play list– The Hanging Tree from The Hunger Games was playing, and I remember that he’s actually read all three books.

“You getting excited?”

He smiles shyly. “Yup.”

“Good. You’ll have to answer all my questions.”


He’s so proud.


We are creating the kids playlist.

“Do they have ‘March of the Cambreadth’?”

Dude– that alone!


“Do we have ‘Rocky Road to Dublin’?”

And again…


Got her first work paycheck and bought a cat. *happy sigh*  Just like mom.

Big T–

Came home from watching The Martian and gave me a brief history in movie mechanics and thematics relating to interstellar travel.

It was highly informative.

I am impressed.


“She picked me up, did you see, she picked me up… I shall lay in her arms and sleep now.”

And thus, I end up blogging holding a small dog.


“I shall lay here until summoned, and then my licking shall be mighty.”


“What?” She is scandalized.  “What in God’s name is this?”

“It’s my iPod!”

“Where’s your playlist!”

“I don’t have the playlist–don’t forward that!”

“I hate that song.”

“You love the Foo Fighters!”

“Not when they come after the Beatles!”

“Stop that!”

“What in the hell is wrong with your radio!”

“It’s set on random!”

That’s the problem! What in the hell! How do you just listen to music when you don’t know what comes next?”

“Isn’t that what life is like?”

“Don’t play that song again!”

And so forth.  I haven’t been in a slap fight in so long… *sniffle*  I miss Mary…

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    Sherlock and Watson, oh yeah, totally down for that!

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