Recital Day

The following things may or may not have happened during recital and rehearsal during the last two days…

*  I may have possibly gotten lost going to a place I’ve been a zillion times because I followed my phone for a freeway interchange instead of my own damned common sense.

*  It is possibly that, when told I needed to fix the costumes of 10 little girls before I got them completely dressed, my response was, “Oh no, that’s not going to happen if there’s still only one of me tomorrow.”

*  I most definitely put two little girls in jeans that did not at all belong to them today, because they did not arrive with their own jeans for their costumes.

* After getting the little girls undressed, dressed, in proper shoes, with tutus, feather cummerbunds, and feather crowns ALL IMMEDIATELY, AS INSTRUCTED, AFTER THEY ARRIVED, after five of them got taken to the bathroom, it is possible– possible, mind you–that when the costume director returned with an armload of tutus and cummerbunds, I may have cried.

* I’m pretty sure I did yell at grown women to stop standing in front of the closed circuit TV set so that I might watch my OWN KIDS dance, because I wasn’t going to make it back to the stage in time, and they weren’t moving.

*  Mate, the kids and I may have gotten there just by the skin of our teeth today because, well, moving earlier was just not going to happen.

* Squish may have needed to cry because she was so tired at the end.

*  We all DEFINITELY got to my parents’ house after recital just in time for Big T to get a marvelous cake and darling chocolate decorations in celebration of his graduation. None of us were expecting it, but I was so glad to see my parents make a big deal out of him.

*  Chicken may have laughed until she couldn’t breathe because her little brother’s costumes were just not fitting AT ALL.

*  By the end of my two weeks with the ten little girls known only as “Backstage Mom”, it’s entirely possible that I had them so in fear of my deep-voiced “NO!” that they would stop any wrong, huddle on their blanket and look at me plaintively as though I had kicked their puppies.

*  It is definitely the truth that by the end of today, I totally would have kicked their puppies to get them to NOT GO THE WRONG DAMNED WAY when they were needed to follow the other ducklings in a row.

*  I think–I suspect–that falling asleep on my keyboard is distinctly probably.

*  Other than that? Tomorrow is Father’s Day. My one necessity is that I get out of bed early enough to sign his cards so we can give him his gift when he wakes up.

Night all!  Happy Father’s Day!  May we all live to recital next year!

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