Recovering from a Dragon Attack


I know it’s boring to read about, but I wrote nearly seven thousand words yesterday to finish up my current WIP, A Solid Core of Alpha. It worked–it did, I’m DONE! And I have a few days in between projects to work on Quickening, but the price?


I’m getting too old for this shit– literally. After I finished and did the “Woo Hoo Dance” (I’ve embedded it right here, ala Supernatural, if anyone wants to see it)

I cooked dinner (pizza w/homemade dough and spaghetti sauce. Next time I’m buying me some tomato puree, some garlic and some oregano and making my own sauce, because that was the only thing wrong with this dish) and did some laundry. Woo-hoo, right? Anyway–I was wiped out–but I was also dragon hung over, and brother, did it make a difference. My brain was so wired I couldn’t fall asleep–even though I was exhausted, and I’ve got a knot between my shoulders that won’t quit. Thank God for water aerobics, because at this point, I can feel my ginormous body just congealing into a solid after writing (holy crap! I just added this up!) 12K in two days.

*groan* *pant* I’m thinking I need maybe a break from the machine–what do you think? (This is good, since Mate has a day planned at Six Flags next week. I’m not exactly looking forward to this. I don’t ride the rides because it hurts my neck, and really I end up taking the little kids all day. THEY have fun, but, uhm… me? Not so much. It’s no worries, though. I like watching them play.)

Anyway, besides that?

Well, a contest for The Locker Room in e-book is opening at Chris’ place today–WOOT!!! And a couple of posts in the future, I’ll be running a contest for a paperback copy of the same book–signed of course, as well as a stashdive for some yarn:-)

And in other news…

Or, sort of the same news in a connected sort of way…

Now see, The Locker Room (and I think I forgot this page even though I wrote it) was meant for my husband. He has been a LOYAL fan of the Sacramento Kings for about 25 years now–from the moment they first put a toe in Sacramento. One of his crowning achievements of adulthood was being able to afford to go to the games–and then taking his kids to the games. And going with his buddies (because neither of us are social butterflies IRL, so the fact that he had buddies who loved the team meant a lot to him.) When I was writing the book in November, the Kings were losing so bad, they had to look up to see NBA hell. I kept joking that I couldn’t do anything for him in real life, so I’d write him a winning team. (And then we both agreed that there would probably be openly gay players in the NBA long before the Kings took a championship game, sadly enough.) But it didn’t matter–Mate bought as many tickets as he could afford. So he got to see the loss two nights ago, and watch the victory–the bitter, bitter victory–last night, in what was probably their last game in his hometown.

This morning he watched the highlight reel and tried not to get choked up–especially when they played this song

on the montage, because Tesla is OUR band– we saw them when they opened for Night Ranger, they used to come into the restaurant where we worked, and, basically, like the Kings, were a reason to be proud of our little cow-town, when, quite frankly, besides the outstanding cultural diversity, there’s not much else going for it.

So, I’m REALLY excited about The Locker Room–for me, it’s sort of a love song to Mate, who really does showcase the best qualities a sports fan has to offer: He’s loyal, he’s informed, he identifies with the players, he would rather have good role models than superstars, and he shares this thing he loves a whole damned lot with his children, who have all learned to love it too. I’m just really sad that Mate has to be betrayed at the end by what has amounted to a twenty-something year relationship with a mistress who, very often, took more than she gave. I mean hell–the least she could have done was stay, right?

And on that note, I’m ditching out on the computer to go knit. Because my back hurts like a sonuvabitch and my brain is running out my ears, and I’ve earned it. *sigh* I’m going to miss watching him go nuts over a basketball team though–it was really frickin’ adorable, it really was.

0 thoughts on “Recovering from a Dragon Attack”

  1. roxie says:

    Oh, bless his dear heart. the suckers are leaving?

    Twelve thousand words in two days? Did I get that right? Twelve thousand? Are you like, bionic or something? Go knit something fercrysakes!

  2. DecRainK says:

    OMG that is a LOT of writing, but well worth it, at least from your readers' point of view!

    Go get some rest!!!!! btw, the link to Chris's page did not work for me, dunno if its my computer or what

  3. Momo says:

    I just read your book Bitter Moon I, which I got from Sylvan Oaks Library, and I enjoyed the bejeesus out of it. What really blew my mind though, was the author's note. Me: 'Oh my dear crap, she lives in the same place that I do! OMG she likes knitting TOO? AND TEACHING?!?' There were many squees to be had. I only hope that if I ever happened to run into you I don't recognize you-I'm not sure whether I would go fangirl or run away.

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