Recovery Drinks

Thanks, Rhys, for my kitty of ennui

Oh, I only wish it was something fun like vodka or… I dunno.  Anything.  But, believe it or not, my husband’s fitness buff friends all seem to believe that the perfect recovery drink is chocolate milk.  And now you know.

Anyway, for those of you who have been checking out that blog tour (and thank you thank you thank you!) you’ve probably figured I’m doing a little rest lap this week, because that was some serious touring! So I’m within sight of the Dex in Blue finish line, and really happy about that, because I love it!  Seriously– LOVE writing this one.  It’s got some angst–but it’s NOWHERE near Chase in Shadow, or Mourning Heaven or even Sidecar.  It’s two guys, falling in love, and sorting out some shit.  I adore it far more than I should.

And other than that?  It’s sort of been a bullet point kind of week.  For example…

Zoomboy told me yesterday that he was going to learn Vietnamese so he could go to South East Asia and study primates.  I said, “Holy God, when I was eight years old I didn’t even know that was a country.”  He patted my shoulder and said, “Yes, mom, it is, and I want to learn it’s language.”

He’s going to conquer the world.


Squish seems to have lost a tooth.  And her soul.  (Look at those eyes, people.  Yeah, some people say it’s a camera reaction.  I beg to differ!)

And, other than that?

Country Mouse is doing well– folks seem to like it (for reviews and reactions, check the last post–  there are plenty, and I’m grateful for ALL of them!) and Aleks is SO excited to begin the next one.  So am I for that matter–but you all know how I like my writing, at least, to be neat and tidy sometimes:-)

And finally?  Remember how I told you about Steve? Barking at the birds? Well, I seem to have gotten it on video–and strangely enough, it seems as though I can pass that on to you.  Shall we see?

(And if it doesn’t work, it’s no big loss– mostly an experiment, right?)

Also?  I THINK that me and the teenagers are going to a protest rally for women’s rights on Saturday.  If I end up pepper sprayed and locked in jail, do me a favor and POUND THE HOLY MOTHERFUCKING HELL out of the internet communications system until they release me, okay?  K’thx, bye!  (Seriously– twenty years ago?  I wouldn’t have worried.  These days?  The authority peoples are becoming faceless, brainless tyrants again.  Love my country?  Maybe.  LIVE IN PANT’S WETTING FEAR of the right wing of my government?  You frickin’ betcha!)  So, uhm, wish us luck, right?


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  1. Good luck at the rally.

  2. Good luck!

    (And, oh, good! an *excuse* to drink chocolate milk! Not that I actually *needed* one, but…)

  3. roxie says:

    Best hangover cure is prevention. Second best, time, Gatoraide and aspirin.

    You so totally rock! Writeon!

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