Recovery Weekend

So, on Friday, Squish’s class had it’s sixth grade field trip and I got a good look at what teachers have been telling me since my daughter started school.

This year’s sixth grade class is, uh, special.

In the hide the ammunition and put padding on the sharp edges kind of way.

In my entire life, I have never seen a lifeguard jump in a pool after a kid.
Not once.

For Squish’s class all three lifeguards had to jump in at one time or another, because these kids… *shaking my damned head* Special.

They started off by giving the kids a swimming test. If you could swim the length of the pool in the deeper end while they watched, you could go anywhere. If you couldn’t, you stayed in the shallow end.  Squish hopped in–no australian crawl, but she did a very serviceable, surprisingly quick dog paddle and had free reign.

Not so much the rest of her class.

One kid ignored the swim test directive and went straight into the deep water–and down. One kid ignored the, “Don’t swim into the current by the slide,” directive, and got stuck. One kid was in the shallow end and allowed herself to be talked into the deep end by her dumbass friends.

Either way, it was 70 degrees and there were three wet lifeguards standing, teeth chattering, while three pissed off teachers filled out paperwork.

All I could think was that, “Stay on this side of the rope,” was such a simple direction–how hard was teaching these little boneheads something like algebra?

Squish’s teacher was in the middle of filling out paperwork (each rescue needed an incident report) and she looked at me with big, dazed eyes. “I cannot tell you what a joy your daughter was this year.”

Perhaps not–but I was beginning to get an idea.


I should have done so much this weekend–but I didn’t.


It’s why I blogged about research last night.

There’s been a couple of movies (Solo, Deadpool 2) and a lot of naps and a lot of watching TV together and some attempts at chores, but generally?  We were tired as a family and recuperating.

But tonight we went out, big kids and little kids, and saw Solo, and that was nice. I enjoyed the movie a lot–wasn’t gonna change my life, but I could watch a Ron Howard movie again, any day.

One of the funniest moments of the night though, came when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the movie.

Deadpool 2 was playing loudly through the walls and I caught the main chorus of this song from the end credits:

I went back up to sit next to Mate humming, “Holy shitballs,” to myself– didn’t get any less funny.

Anyway– tomorrow is gonna be hot, and maybe we can make it to the pool. Hooray! We’ve got a mission!


Night all!

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