So, Thursday was all about getting home and unpacking, and the last three days have been a combination of playing catchup with the work on my desk, getting moar work on my desk, unpacking, and trying really hard to get ready for Yaoi-Con next week.

The last time I was so far behind in this job was last November– I remember something about eleven edits and NANOWRIMO and the rest was pretty much a blur.

*  Squishie was goalie when her team got pounded. They lost something like seven to nothing, and Squish went for every ball, even though she got kicked in the hand a couple of times.  We were really proud of her– especially of her can-do attitude.  Go Squish!  And boy, it’s gonna be a loooongg season.

*  Mate and Zoomboy’s team won 5-1.  Mate and the other coach both agreed that it had been a close game– one of those games where the score is misleading because the goals were such a small part of the actual play.  He was happy all weekend, and I was proud for him.  We have yet to figure out if Zoomboy has registered the fact that he’s won.

*  Mate and I attended back-to-school night.  Mate got Squish’s class, wherein he determined that if she continues to do well, she may possibly skip fourth grade.  She’s currently one of six third graders in a combined 3/4th class, and, well, 90% of her work is at a 4th grade level.  That’s sort of awesome for her– I hope– because seriously, we don’t want her to grow up too fast.

*  Zoomboy is in the sixth grade.  This means that he’s got a trip to Yosemite in March, he needs to pay close attention to the three different teachers he has, and the yes, cyberbullying is an issue, and that his class has already had girl drama and texting/FB issues.  That last thing made my stomach go absolutely frigid with fear.  ZB is not ready for this shit.  Then I remembered…

*  In one giant windmill flail, Zoomboy destroyed the tablet that we were letting the kids play games on.  Yes, we were able to replace it with insurance (and a temper tantrum on Mate’s part because the insurance was… well, whack.  Thereyago.  Short answer.  Whack.)  but the kids are well aware that computers and them?  Not going to be great friends, no, not until they get to go buy their own.

*  I finally– finally— finished the Amy’s Lane installment that should have been up on Tuesday.  (You can find it right HERE, and it’s about writing collaboration and goblins.)

*  I got to hold babies.  (I did not get pictures, which is a crying shame, because these babies WILL steal your heart, from the squishy little chocolate cheeks to their curly black hair to their soulful brown eyes– bebes!!!!)

*  The second installment of Beneath the Stain came out.  This is only important because now more people are angry at me.  (I seriously read a review that said, “Fuck you, Amy Lane, how could you DO this to my poor broken heart!”  I was like, “Uhm… so, you liked it?”  I mean, yes– there’s a reason I have to ask!)

*  The dog and the cat got comfortable again.  This is only important because I’m leaving for Yaoi-Con on Thursday, and they shall hate me moar.

*  I got the last of my swag– I am a wee bit disappointed, and shall be on the phone tomorrow (add one more thing to the list) because I think they could have come out better.

*  Mate and I have been entertaining each other during Mate’s vacation.  Two examples of how much fun we’ve been having are:

Mate, while looking through the refrigerator this morning: We seem to be out of milk.  *cough cough*  And donuts!  (Yes, I bought some– he asks for so little, my Mate.)

Mate, looking at his phone image: Why am I so dark?

Me: Too much Nietsche as a child?

*  Oh!  And, for some reason, the lovely Trina, my aqua instructor, thought I’d be the only person she knew who would appreciate her alligator god purse.  She could be right.  I thought it was awesome, but I seem to be the only one.  Ah, well.  She’ll be the only person I know with one, and that alone shall make her special.  (She’s pretty special anyway, but the purse just makes it.)

And I’m afraid that’s where I’ve got to leave it.  1 a.m. is where I draw the line for blogging, I think, and since I’m going to have to blog before I leave for YC?  Yeah.  Time to go.  Have a good week folks– don’t forget to check out the article on collaboration.  I swear next time?  I’ll be funny!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Awww! Squish!!! It's OK sweetie…you played your precious heart out! Congrats to ZB and Mate and YOU…Honey, you survived one helluva week and you made it with grey cells intact!! (and the added benefit of donuts…need I say more?)
    Gentle Hugs all around, with a soft pat to Jonnie….

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