Not too much going on lately–it’s been quiet in a good way. But I do have a few conversations for you:

Often, after I drive to the park, walk the dogs around the park and surrounding neighborhoods, and start the drive home, I will see Mate, who walks the extra three miles to and from the park. This spawned the following moments:

Me to Squish: Keep an eye out for your father as we drive by.

Squish: Why? So we can wave?

Me: No.

Squish: So we can taunt him? Neener-neener-neener, we’re driving and you’re not?

Me: Even worse.

Squish: What’s worse?’

Me: We can offer him a ride home and he can face the dilemma–keep walking when he really hates exercise as much as I do, or accept the ride home and walk the rest of his steps around the house during television tonight. He hates that.

Squish: Woohoo! Where’s dad! 


Me: Hello, stranger.

Mate: Hey–I just started out, so no ride home.

Me: Too bad. 

Mate: You’re running late today–I thought you’d be home before I left.

Me: Well, the soccer field was empty so I took the dogs off lead and let them wander around and roll around. 

Mate: Nice.

Me: Not so much–apparently Geoffie thought it was a buffet.

Mate: *takes a step back from Geoffie who has been licking his nose through the open window* So…

Me: So yeah–it could be a leftover sandwich or it could be dog poop–what’s her breath smell like.

Mate: Nice.

Me: Sorry.

And don’t forget the arrival home. Usually my routine is to start the coffee, set up the ice, start the oatmeal, feed the dogs  wet food, and then run to take a shower. Today, I stopped by my desk to take off my shoes when ZoomBoy wanders in.

ZB: How long does it take to microwave leftover mac and cheese?

Me: How much?

ZB: *holds up a bowl*

Me: A minute and a half.

ZB: Oh! Here’s your oatmeal. *walks into the living room and hands me a bowl*

Me: Thanks. *mimes licking the oatmeal out of the bowl*

ZB: What?

Me: *mimes some more*

ZB: What are you doing?

Me: *shows him the full bowl again and then does my dog impression again*

ZB: Wait… do you need a spoon?

Me: *nods*

I finally make it to shower and when I get out, Mate’s here. 

Mate: You’re only getting your coffee now?

Me: Well, ZB wanted to serve me breakfast at my desk, but he couldn’t remember the important stuff.

Mate: You don’t eat until after you shower?

Me: A spoon. Are you kidding? He wanted to have a meal with me–I would have eaten in a towel if that had been a requirement.

Mate: As long as you had a spoon.

Me: *nods*

So there we go– the family at slightly normal function. Let’s hear it for sunshine and school.

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