Royalty Ink

Heya— Yeah, I know, I promised to post an actual blog yesterday (or was it Friday?) but people were really responsive to the teaser (not just in the comments but at and other places too) so I left it as the first post for an extra day–I hope no one minds! (Anyone else coming to look for it, it’s the next post down–and don’t forget to give feedback!)

Anyway, I took the short people to the park today, because there was no rain, and brother did they need it! They’re still cruising for girl and boy-shit awards of North America, but at least I think they may sleep tonight… which is good, since the night starts AN HOUR EARLIER. Ugh. I HATES the end of DST– hates it… of course, I hates the start of it too, but I really hate spring forward when it comes to synching up the little’ kids’ internal clocks.

Anyway, I got my royalty check this week and misbehaved with it, just a little.

First of all, I’m getting an iPod. I’m DYING without musical intervention and Mate has an in on a discount, so, well there goes 1/3 of the check, but I GET SOME DAMNED OFFSPRING WITH MY CHEERIOS! And Tim MacRae…mmmm… A & B song… I heard it as a Supernatural video on Youtube, because that IS my sick obsession, but the song… I’ve been singing it all week! I’m going to have to memorize that puppy to get it out of the brain matter–either that, or find a poem to teach with it, and that’ll be fun too! Here’s the link if you want to hear the song, but, uhm, don’t hold the vid against me… so far I haven’t found an intervention group for this, and knittech and galad are just enablers, so we’re stuck with this until it runs its course. And yes. There’s veal.

So that was some of it. I was going to spend more of it on an application to the Writer’s Digest Indie awards, but I chickened out at the last fucking gasp and got a tattoo instead.

*yeah* I know–priorities. But I have a tattoo on my arm of a pictograph of the kids’ names– I’ve had it since Chicken and Big T were six and eight, and I added it when the Cave Troll was born, and until last night I HADN’T added Ladybug. So, Chicken and I were driving down the road, and there was the tattoo parlor, and…

Well, what can I say. I snapped. And it looks awesome, and I no longer have mother guilt for putting my pipe-dream before my loyalty to my family, although if we’re broke for her birthday, (April 3rd) I’ll have mother guilt for not putting enough aside to pay for her b-day party, but I don’t think that will happen. (For one thing, Mate and I get paid on the 1st… we may have a top-ramen Easter, but Ladybug will have a party!)

Anyway, the rest of it goes to taxes, because I’m giving up buying yarn for lent. (Oddly enough that doesn’t mean I can walk out of a yarn store empty-handed, because somehow Franklin’s book ‘It Itches’ jumped into my basket yesterday, and so did some oddments for some people who will know them when they get them, and I didn’t feel at all repentant. Maybe it’s because I’m not Catholic even in the tiniest little dimension, but I think it’s mostly because it WASN’T YARN!)

Oh yeah– the tattoo–I was all set to take a craptastic photo-booth pic, but my computer almost fainted when I tried and I have some serious writing on Rampant to save, so I figured I’ll wait until I can take a better shot in the sunshine (with Donna Lee’s scarf, darnitall!) and do the whole thing up right.

Or I could forget about it, because, to quote Tolkien, my brain is like a store-room “Thing wanted, always buried.” But the tat is a moon and star, for our Arwyn Star, and it looks very nice with it’s brother/sister tats… I’m pleased:-)

And that’s about all for now! May the week bring us goodies and BRING MY DAMNED BOOKS TO MY DOOR. Amen.

0 thoughts on “Royalty Ink”

  1. Louiz says:

    Looking forward to seeing those pics

  2. roxie says:

    Isn’t it astounding how that money just BURNS through the lining of the pockets? My royalty checks are triple digits – if you count the cents. I could maybe afford a few tunes, but not an I-pod. Good on you,girl! And hooray for the tat!

  3. Donna Lee says:

    I have been having the tattoo urge again. I kinda promised my husband that I wouldn’t get another one (I have two) but the urge is strong.
    And isn’t a royalty check like ‘found money’? And isn’t it bad luck to use ‘found money’ to pay for practical things?

  4. Congrats on the new tat. Enabler? Is that a fancy new word for pusher?

  5. Galad says:

    I am proud to be an enabler and feel in good company with KnitTech 🙂

    I agree that a royalty check should be “found money”. Ladybuy will enjoy her birthday no matter how it is celebrated.

    We do need a picture of the tatoo though.

  6. ismarah says:

    I like your style! Now if I can only convince my husband to get a tattoo for his royalty checks…

  7. J. Kamm says:

    Amy! You must post a pic of the tat as soon as you can!! 😉 You’ve seen mine now you have to show me yours. Lol.

  8. GrillTech says:

    I'm in line with J.Kamm. I showed you mine now you have to show me yours.. :>

  9. TinkingBell says:

    I’ve been feeling that in a few years I may have a career as the only untattooed woman in captivity. Sigh. I’ve never found anything I wanted enough to wear forever. Maybe I’ll just get another piercing instead. But we need a pic!

    and just for lovers of Dune – my security word is Mentat! blogger is messing with my mind again.,… – just because I didn’t include Dune on my 30 – and I should have…

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