RT 2017 So Far…

Okay– so a little tipsy– I think I’m going to do a quick post of mostly captions here.

I’ve had an amazing two days.

This is the prize table for Cinema Craptastique last night–a LOT of amazing authors gave some great stuff, and we had the most fun giving it away while talking shit about the movie Glitter.

And this was me, running back and forth to give away prizes. I was a giant rainbow blur.

This was Mare–I actually got this picture off Twitter, cause Tina  diSalvo was taking pix of the whole event. (Where I got the picture of me above, actually.)  I think she wants to strangle me– but I was so glad to have her in the audience, and Jessie too (who is sitting next to her.)

So, B.A. Tortuga who is an awesome writer and omg the BEST PERSON and one of those people I love spending time with at every convention, reached into her magic bag as we had a chance meeting around lunch time (like, I was hiding in the back with other people eating my lunch and she found us and life got wonderful), anyway…
She gave me yarn with peacock feathers in it.

Karen Rose, all decked out for Rockabilly  Night, gave me fish lips to send to our friend Carmen on FB.
Karen, btw, looked STUNNING. She even wore leather pants.

This is Emiliana, and see, here’s the thing. I was in line for the Rockabilly event, and we were talking and I hadn’t brought any yarn or projects, which, I know, is unheard of. Anyway–she’d brought that for me too. It’s silk and alpaca and the color of a mermaid’s scales, and so even when I don’t bring yarn, I get yarn.
And this awesome picture with a lovely reader who gave me some awesome yarn.

Karen signing books next to Lora Leigh.
*jumps up and down*
That’s me. In a booth. With Karen Rose and Lora Leigh. Taking a picture.

I ran into Damon in the bar. Said we had to get a picture of him in his  petroleum product suit and me in my out on the town tits.
His suit was really the big attraction, but my tits weren’t bad. I mean, I wore my good bra and everything.

Tomorrow night is the benefit for the Keith Milano Fund for Mental Health Awareness–and a bunch of other things.  I’ll try to remember pictures there too!

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  1. Unknown says:

    I'm so happy you're having a great time! You look great!

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