RT thus far!


I’m getting worse and worse at taking pictures for these events and better and better at just enjoying them.

This picture was taken by Karen Rose’s PA– two groovy chicks on a magic bus, during the 60’s event, right?  Squish leant me her shawl–it fit the outfit so well!

This is Kim Fielding, Rayna Vause, and KJ Howe doing a panel in which they are experts– a medical expert, a criminal justice expert, and a captivity expert– great panel!

Also we have Amelia and Ariel, marketing Dreamspinner’s Mass Market Paperback line–and yes, you may see Bonfires and Crocus in there– I’m SO EXCITED!!!!  They go on sale on Saturday at the Giant Book Fair! By all means, if you’re here, buy yourself a set and win a bear!

Below Ariel and Amelia, you have Mr. Damon Suede, looking very dapper and… Mad Hatter-ish, right?

He was dressed that way for another event and it was just too delicious to not wear for Wheel of Romance.

And that’s just a taste.

I’m sort of falling asleep, to be honest–but I did get to talk to my family today. That’s ZoomBoy wit his yearbook and Squish with her end of the year project. I’m so bummed–Monday, the kids both told us they had their equivalent of an Open House tonight. So while I wrapped up with Martinis and Dessert, and an amazing conversation with the perfectly wonderful Lynda Aicher, I finished feeling a little melancholy that I missed their triumph.

But it was an awesome day–SO long– but I had to check in and say hi, I”m still alive, and RT 2018 is just as much fun as its predecessors.

And now? Asleep.

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