Running Away

So, the heater is going to cost a grand–maybe, if we’re lucky. It might cost four, we won’t know until Tuesday. Yes, that Tuesday. The day before Christmas Tuesday.


I’ll be honest– when I heard that, I, uh, took a nap.

I was cold, I’ve been stressed and in pain, and I was up late last night. I got both kids from school, brought them home, and, uh, took a nap.

I woke up two hours later, and Mate and I watched movies.

And watched movies.

Hellboy, the new one. We’d taped All in the Family and Good Times. There was the season finale of Watchmen (and if you haven’t been watching that, OMG YOU MUST.) In the middle of this, he got up and warmed up some leftovers and we stayed, huddled in our blankets, watching television. I got a lot of knitting done on the sweater I’m working on– I’m still not sure if it will be done by Christmas, but I’m telling you, I’m willing to give it a go.

When the night was over, Mate got up to go to bed and I said, “Thank you for letting me run away.”

He was all, “Sometimes, it’s the only way we can face tomorrow, right?”

He was, of course, right. Sometimes, you just need to run away. But I’m back at my desk now–I found one of those lost pairs of hand warmers, so now I’m wearing them under the bigger pair of cherry red ones, and the alpaca cloak of the highlands really is the way to go for heat insulation.

We’ll make it.

We’ve got an entire closet of blankets, and there’s always wearing all your clothes.

And sometimes, we can run away and come back to a better tomorrow.

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