Sad Clown

Work on the room continues apace–it’s all Mate now, as he attempts to assemble the laminate floor. The kids have helped by painting and assisting when he needs it, and I’m in charge of provisions and doing other household chores while he works.

Not bad–but I know he was disappointed when he didn’t quite finish tonight. Hopefully by Tuesday we’ll be moving Squish back in, and we can have our living room back–and work on ZoomBoy’s room next!

It’s funny–for years I’ve been saying, “We actually have to be BORED enough to work on the house!” because seriously, any extra money we had went to travel or entertainment–wasn’t on Mate’s radar, wasn’t on mine, truth to be told. Well, here we are, in quarantine and bored–maybe quarantine will last until we get another bedroom done, right? That would be fun! (Also, it would be safe–I am all for safe, and very, VERY VERY grateful both of us can work from home.)

Anyway–so tonight, Mate went to bed early because he was SUPER TIRED–he’d worked a LOT this weekend (and I helped) and I was left alone trying to write.

Now, before he went to bed, we both walked down the hall and went AUGH!

Squish had been playing with makeup–she found a super bright palette of make up in her room as she was cleaning it out and was trying to make herself into a sad clown.

Mission. Accomplished.

Anyway, as I was about a half an hour later, I kept hearing a puff of air from the end of the little corridor formed by couch and yarn boxes. Finally I looked up and went AUGH! Because there was a sad clown doing a dance routine by propping her phone up on one of the yarn boxes to film herself.

“What are you doing with all that BREATHING?”

“Well, you know, I spent so long on the makeup, I wanted to do a video on TikTok.”

“Well stop breathing like that. Worst. Stalker. Ever.”

“Was I really breathing that loud?”

“I expected something from a horror movie. … And there you are.”

“Heh heh heh…”


“Sure… just, you know, let me get one more take…”

Yeah. Sure. Whatever. Welcome to the madhouse.

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