San Diego Bound

So, the kids are at moms, the suitcases are packed, and Mate and I are San Diego bound tomorrow.

If we’re good, we’ll make it there in time for dessert–if we’re REALLY good, we’ll make it there in time for dinner, and in either case we have someone to eat with, so we’re happy!

Anyway– my day has been all packing and suitcases and such, to the extent that, at nine o’clock, Mate and I finished getting groceries for the trip and I said, “Hey… I think I forgot to eat.”

So had Mate. We both pretty much destroyed a Del Taco burrito, take no prisoners, nobody lives forever!

Anyway, I will leave you with Tiny Dog story (thank you Secret Life of Pets).

The tiny dog likes to sleep on my knitting. I am in the middle of crocheting a poncho for a friend’s daughter, and I had to pack it up in a bag while I’m gone, so I don’t come back and find it unwearable by humans.  I washed Squish’s GINORMOUS squishy sweater, and the dog keeps knocking it off the couch so she can sleep on the sweater on the floor.

Anyway– I started a blanket for another friend’s son this winter, and at the last moment my friend changed that order to a hooded scarf (which came out beautifully btw).  So I had about a quarter of a blanket done. I finished off the stitch I was working (it’s crochet, so, easy) , folded the mom-yarn-thing, and put it just where tiny dog wanted to lay down.

And tiny dog spent the evening on the couch, on top of Squish’s sweater.

Because she’s an asshole.

Frickin’ tiny dog. Good thing she’s cute.

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