Saturday Snark

Marie Sexton is doing Saturday Snark again, and although I missed it last Saturday (Chicken’s b-day) I thought I could make it today before running off into the maelstrom of what is Mate’s b-day today:-)

This one’s from The Locker Room and it wasn’t until I tried to do this that I realized how very many of this book’s best moments are tied up with some real sad moments as well:


Was that in his dream?  He couldn’t decide for a moment.


He kept his eyes and his mouth clamped shut and screamed, and then one of the dogs half-whuufed and he was startled into looking into the dark of his room.  He flailed for Chris, but Chris wasn’t there, but Chris’s voice screamed, “Xander!” and suddenly he was bolt upright in bed and wide awake.

“Fuck,” he muttered, trying to wipe the sleep from his eyes.  “Oh, Jesus fuck me, Chris?”

“Jesus better not be fucking you, genius–that’s my job!”

Chris’s voice was faintly disembodied, and Xander turned toward the brightened computer screen to see Chris, in a nice looking hotel room, looking back at him.

“Oh.”  Suddenly what Chris had said penetrated, and Xander’s inner fifth grader (never far from the surface) reared his head, and Xander choked on a smirk.  “Oh, geez, Chris, we’re going to hell for that!”

“Hey, you swore first!”

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  1. Happy Birthday Mate!

  2. Marie Sexton says:

    LOL! Love it! Thanks for joining in!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh that was a great one Amy!!! 🙂

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