Scary, Mommy, make it go away!

So, a short short blog tonight–but possibly a longer one tomorrow. I’ve got to tell you guys, that whole “writing sex” thing NEEDS to happen.

But for my short short blog…

So, we were driving down the road when we came to as top behind a bus. But not just any bus–one of the busses with the guy on the back, the “pedestrian wearing armor” guy.

And the dogs started to lose their shit.

It took me a minute–I looked from the bus and back to the dogs and then back to the bus.

And it hit me.

The dogs think the guy was going to bust through our window.

I mean, think about it–their whole life spent on patrol for guys with hats and beards, and suddenly they clean cut youth was going to just plunge through.

So there you go, you noisy little assholes. You keep the cute models away, because otherwise I’m sure we’d be eyeball deep in awesome looking athletic men with futures, trying to break into our cars in the morning.

And that would be a shame.

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