School’s Out for Summer!

Okay– so last week I had a post titled “Beginning of the Summer Crazies” but I forgot to elaborate…

*  Today was Squish’s promotion ceremony and both kids’ official last day of school. *sigh*

* Wednesday is dance practice

* Thursday is recital rehearsal–I’m a backstage volunteer and, when he gets back from his trip, so is Mate.

*  Also a dentist appointment.

* Friday is Squish’s doc appointment. Also recital rehearsal.

*  This weekend is Sac Pride–I’ll be there with the QSAFC

* Also this weekend we need to get costumes.

*  Next week is recital rehearsal, followed by recital.

* I have a hard deadline on the 15th–right before recital!

*  I promised the kids there’d be mani-pedis. Yes. Three of the four get a summer mani-pedi. I don’t know how this started but I’m pretty sure it’s my fault.

*  And we have a guest dog. Guest dog belongs to Chicken’s best friend’s mother–who is sadly terminally ill. Best Friend needs a place for the dog because her aunts want to get rid of it because omg who does that when someone is dying, but anyway–we have known and loved Best Friend since high school–and are so sad about her mother. Guest Dog (from here on out known as Gibby) has a place here as long as she needs one, and Best Friend can show up here any time to visit. God, the world is a hard place sometimes. Sometimes we need to know our furry friends are okay just so we can function.


So, THOSE are the summer crazies.

And that said, back to the promotion ceremony–

A. They had a photo montage showing pictures of the kids as Kindergartners–when I first volunteered at the school–and then showing them now. I saw Squish’s little face with her bright red hair when she was a baby and burst into tears. I was not prepared.

B. The teacher was announcing awards, and she said, “This is the Socrates award–it’s for critical thinking!” and I turned to Chicken and said, “Your brother got this award when he graduated three years ago!”

And then they called Squish’s name, and Chicken and I were both “Ooooohhh!!!”

The teacher said, “We got the plaque for the office and for a minute, I thought they’d made a terrible typo, until I realized that the name was for 2015. Somebody else had to tell me she had a brother–what was his name again?” And what followed was a hilarious five minutes in which Squish tried to explain what her brother’s name was, because it was on the plaque near hers.

Anyway–I am apparently raising critically thinking human beings, and I am proud.

C. ZoomBoy went to school in Star Wars Pajamas. Nobody noticed, because apparently that was sort of par for the course.        

I said critically thinking–not suave and debonair.

Anyway– it was a good day, and now? To try to make that deadline!

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