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 Forgive me– I’m crossposting like a fiend here– I’ve gotten enough e-mail about these things to want to address them in every blog/website I can:-)  You’ll find this posted in my website both on the front page and in the news page, so it will be accessible for a while:-)

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mail lately about sequels, and I’m thrilled.  So I thought I’d give you the rundown for sequels and my plans to write them, to save you all some e-mailing and me some replying (not that I don’t love to hear from you:-)  So, here’s the status (or non status) on sequels I’d like to (or wouldn’t like to!) write:

The Locker Room– No.  I’m sorry, I have no plans to write a sequel at this time.  For me, the end of The Locker Room was all about Xan and Chris having possibilities because Xan had grown into having a bigger life than the box he was locked into as a kid. Unless I’m bit by the major plot bunny of all time, the one that will solve world hunger and promote world peace, I think it’s fair to say I want Xander and Chris’s life to remain in the possible.  Honestly, from the letters you all have sent me, any sequel I would write would be a disappointment– you all see them so happy.  

Keeping Promise Rock– Yes.  In fact, although the writing of it was stalled by something else that is almost finished, I’m well in to writing the FINAL installment of The Promises series.  It’s called Forever Promised, and it gives Crick and Deacon everything they’ve ever wanted.  No lie.  I swear.  Honest.

Gambling Men– No.  Not unless the guys take up billiards, and at this point, it doesn’t look likely. 

Chase in Shadow– Yes!  Dex in Blue is already out, Ethan Gold is going to be next in line, followed by Black John and Tommy Bright.  So, uhm, yeah.  More to come there!

The Winter Courtship of Fur-Bearing Critters– Yes.  How to Raise an Honest Rabbit and Knitter in His Natural Habitat have been greeted so warmly that I want to revisit Granby and Rance Crawford’s little yarn shop one more time.  Besides, everybody wants to see how Jeremy is doing in his little house with Aiden, and to check on his recovery.  (Stop GLARING!  He had a karmic debt to settle!  Stanley was karmically clean–as innocent as a newborn lamb.  It wasn’t HIS job to confront the bogey man, I SWEAR it wasn’t!)  The next story has been tentatively titled (with the help of T.A. Chase, Goddess bless you, darling!) The Naked Alpaca Hats Band, and I’ll be sneaking that one in sometime next year.

Scotty and Ryan– It’s a distinct possibility.  They’re just too damned much fun not to!  

Clear Water– I swear, I had a whole little mystery series planned when this one came out.  I still have plotbunnies for these guys, running up my legs.  The next time one of them crawls up my ass and calls out for my dragon to ride me like a porn star, I’m turning Patrick and Whiskey loose on the world again.  

Talker– No.  They’re happy.  Their lives sucked.  They’ve earned their little community by the seashore.  I want to think of them surfing and being happy forever.  

Country Mouse– Yes.  Aleks and I have had the phone ringing (i.e. interruptions!) as of late, but we are well into City Mouse, and we want to keep writing it.  We love working together, but sometimes, real life just yanks on your chain!  But still– we have plans for those boys!!!

The LIttle Goddess series–aka Quickening– YES.  YES YES YES YES YES YES YES.  When I first “transitioned” from teaching to writing as my mainstay, (i.e., was yanked out of my classroom and threatened with all sorts of horrible things I shan’t burden you with here!) I knew it was going to be a while before I got back to Quickening.  I wasn’t writing for “fun” (it’s never been that frivolous, trust me!) anymore, I was writing to feed my family, and to keep the promises to my older children of education and security.  I’m still doing that.  But in the last two years I’ve rediscovered that fantasy feeds my soul.  So I can’t give a timeline– and I’m sorry for that.  But I will not give up on the dream of writing this series, either. I’m still looking into publishers, and still pulling out the manuscript and adding to it when I’ve got a spare moment (not so much as of late) and I still have hope.  So yes.  There WILL be a sequel to Rampant.  I have faith.  

So that’s pretty much it on the sequel front.  If there’s a couple here I’ve missed, let me know, and I’ll update this list again!

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  1. Unknown says:

    I'm so happy to hear that Ethan will have his story. I love this series!

  2. roxie says:

    You are SO prolific! Write on!

  3. DecRainK says:

    🙂 YAY more books!

  4. julaine says:

    So glad to hear that there will be more to the Little Goddess series. I actually have the entire thing in both hard copy and digital format and I have been mourning the possibility that I might never get to read the story of Cory Ann finding out she was having twins. Those stories were my first introduction to your writing and I still pull them out and reread them when everything else in my enormous TBR pile appears dull.

  5. Galad says:

    That's a full list! No boredom in your future 🙂

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