So, we’re going to go see Chicken’s portfolio show, and we lined up one of the kid’s friends to come babysit the dogs.

And then I got guilty.
Cause, she’s going to come and sit with them twice a day, but… but… but my dogs are used to, you know… people! People all the time!  People who worship them all the time!
So last night, I was saying to Mate, “How would you feel about a kennel, or having them board with someone?”  
“That’s great. I have no idea how to find that.”
Well, I was just going to go internet, right?
But first I had to work out early, take ZB to register for school (see yesterday’s blog post!), drop off his T-Dap, conference with Squish’s principal, maybe eat, maybe nap, and definitely work.  
So, it wasn’t looking good for our little doggie pals.
And then, there I was, at that first thing.  Squish and I were working out early–with a different instructor, one I don’t know as well.  She was chatting with us as we were working out, and she mentioned that she ran a dog boarding business.  She had some openings.
So there you go. 
A perfect dog boarding situation just dropped into our laps.  She’s kind, her mother is kind, and she’s been running this business for over ten years.  
And suddenly, the mile long list of things that was hounding me all week dropped by one, and so did some stress.  So there you go, folks– serendipity. It’s a thing!

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  1. Unknown says:

    May the many blessings of Serendipity find your doorstep this summer!! Hugs!

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